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Olansi air purifiers were initially introduced in the U.S. to combat mold and mildew in commercial areas. The manufacturer has expanded its product range to include purifiers that are suitable for use in homes. Now the company offers complete systems for both residential and commercial applications. The name Olansi is synonymous with quality when it comes to air removal and ionizing. For more details on the products, visit Olansi website . To make sure you have an effective unit this is a quick review of some of the reasons that Olansi air purifiers are preferred by so many users around the world.

Cleansing the house is never easier. Allergens from the air that cause serious health problems and can accumulate within your home. Some homeowners experience recurring headaches, sneezing and even nosebleeds as a result of exposure to dust particles. With the Olansi air-purifying purifiers are available, you can rest assured that you will no longer need to deal with these problems. The tiny particles released from the purifiers by the manufacturer release negative ions. They are virtually odorless and invisible, but only those residing in the vicinity of in which the purifiers are located can readily detect their presence in the air , as long as they are in the area.

Regular maintenance is necessary. You should not be afraid to call the manufacturer if there is something that is not working properly within your home. Regular maintenance is a great way to remove airborne particles and fumes from your home. Each unit has a scheduled maintenance package that allows you to fix any issues quickly without having to contact the manufacturer numerous times per month. It is possible to have the Olansi manufacturer come to your home to take care of the chores of cleaning or have the technicians come directly to your residence to take care of the task. It is important that you have someone who can provide the required maintenance services since it is often cheaper and more convenient to send them to your home than it is to ask them to visit your home to perform maintenance.

* A lifetime free warranty. Olansi air purifiers have a the warranty for five years. It covers labor and parts. The customer is not required to cover the warranty during the purchase, or even after the product has been handed over to you. You can rest assured that your air purifier will last and be durable, in addition to delivering the highest quality results for your home. It is possible to request that the manufacturer cover any defects found in the warranty in order to save repair costs.

* High-efficiency filtration. The Olansi air purifier are equipped with extremely efficient HEPA filter system.|HEPA filtering systems are extremely efficient.} This means that the quality of indoor air produced by these products is thought to be as clean as the air in other rooms. Although other manufacturers might use a lower-quality HEPA filter, the cost of replacement filters can be very expensive. However, when you buy Olansi from Olansi, the Olansi manufacturer, you are assured that you're getting a top purifier of the highest quality that comes with a lifetime guarantee and don't have to worry about the cost of replacement filters.

* Ce-certified activated charcoal filters. The Olansi product line uses the identical top quality HEPA filters as the manufacturer. Olansi is committed to providing clients with the top quality air purifiers available on the market. The American Lung Association has certified it with high-grade negative ion purifier technology. This means that if you are a parent with a medical condition such as asthma, allergies, or any other type of respiratory disorder that impacts the respiratory system, then you should think about buying one of these devices.

Olansi air purifiers rely on an invention technique called ion exchange. This technology is licensed by the manufacturer and permits it to release negative charged ions instead of positive ions when cooling or heating. This allows the particles to be drawn up by the special mesh system, forming an electrostatic charge. The charge is then eliminated through an electrode with positive charge. The filtration process is designed to eliminate the particles. The final purification process removes all particles from the air leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

Olansi uses a variety of technologies. Olansi manufacturer also makes use of what is known as blocking of multimedia to prevent the release of airborne allergens. Fine media systems can be used to accomplish this. Fine media comprises carbon filters, which are designed to trap negative ions chemical odors and harmful substances in a very small amount of space. Numerous companies have claimed that their air purifying products are the most effective in the marketplace however none has its effectiveness as Olansi's air purifier. The company has spent a number of years working on their products to ensure their clients are satisfied. If you think about all the features that are available on the line of products, you will find that they've truly designed their products to meet your requirements.



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