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Making an Essay Longer the Smart Way

One of the most challenging things that you can encounter in your academic journey is writing an essay. If that is not difficult enough, meeting the required number of words or pages could discourage you even more. At one point, you might have asked, “Can I ask someone to do my essay?” Although there are people who can help you, sometimes, you have to know the reason behind this task.
Your teacher probably asked for an extensive essay to assess how you can discuss the topic. Or it is a requisite for the next lesson, task, or subject in the future. Whatever it may be, you will find some tricks to make an essay longer the intelligent way in this article.

Make sure you have included everything you need.

It is frustrating to finish writing your paper only to find out that you have missed many requirements. To prevent this from happening, go back to the source of the activity. It would be best to ask your teacher for precise instructions about your project.
If you already have the scoring rubric, you have to follow everything there. Keep it whenever you work. However, you can still ask your teacher for some clarification or guidance if you feel lost. They can provide suggestions on how you can discuss your topic from a different perspective. Then, make a checklist of everything you have to write.
A part of that checklist is the outline. Before writing, you have to outline first. Some students tend to focus on drafting, that they forget to do it. It is essential because it serves as a guide for what you should write. You can also add your teacher’s recommendations and requirements in the outline. By following it, you can be confident that you will not miss anything important.

Use appropriate transitional devices.

Transitional devices are words or phrases that you can use to connect your ideas smoothly. There are many kinds of transitional devices for showing comparison and contrast, giving examples, emphasizing, etc. So, you have to make sure that you are using the right one for your essay.
Using transitional devices will not only increase the length of your output but will also impress your teacher. Teachers tend to look for transitional devices because it makes reading the material simpler. They will know what to expect by looking at words, such as “however,” “nevertheless,” “moreover,” and “despite.” Also, doing this shows that you know the flow of your thoughts and organized them well. But, no matter how fancy they sound, you still have to use the correct one at the proper place.

Fill it with lots of evidence and references.

The more content you have, the more chances you can make an essay longer. So, the best way to do this is by looking for more materials and resources. You can read scholarly articles and journals to get information and inspiration about your topic. It would be best if you read as many relevant sources as you can. Make sure that they are not from random webpages without the writer’s name.
Afterward, insert in-text citations, whether parenthetical or narrative. These can be proofs, examples, or quotations. You can get them from recent studies, current news, or unbiased reviews. By doing this, you will not be filling your paper with your ideas alone. It shows that your thoughts are not pointless or illogical. Most importantly, your in-text citations will strengthen the credibility of your argument.

Choose a topic that interests you the most.

You cannot give what you do not have. Hence, it’s going to be more challenging to write about something you don’t know. In constructing long essays, your familiarity with the topic will save you. So, it’s a piece of practical advice to choose something familiar or interesting.  If it’s familiar to you, you can always refer to your insights and experiences. However, if it’s interesting, you will be excited to gather more information.
But then, sometimes, you don’t have either. Don’t lose hope yet. The good thing is that you can always read more resources to spark your interest. Or, you can ask your teacher or friends to suggest a topic you haven’t thought to be interesting. These things will allow you to develop the motivation to start writing and finish it well.

Avoid using contractions, abbreviations, and shortcuts.

Part of learning how to make an essay longer is not using contractions, abbreviations, and shortcuts. You might want to ditch your usual say of typing or saying things, like “don’t,” “won’t,” or “you’ll.” While you’re at it, avoid using the words such as “gonna,” “kinda,” and “sorta.” They are all considered contractions or shortened words. If your goal is to make an extensive essay, you should write them in their complete form. For “don’t,” use “do not.” For “gonna,” use “going to” instead.
Furthermore, it would help if you refrain from using abbreviations. You always use these when you chat with your friends. But, in writing essays, they are considered informal language. Instead of writing “dept.,” use the complete word “department.” If you’re going to use “no.,” putting the whole word “number” is better. This way, you could reach the letter count without much effort.

Ask feedback from others.

If you have already exhausted all your ideas, you should ask for help. It’s harmless to ask for other people’s help once in a while. It is as long as you are not stealing your classmate’s work.
You always have the option to ask your family or friends for feedback or suggestions. Sometimes, other people have other ideas that you might have missed out on. Their knowledge about the topic can also bring new points of view that you can ponder on. Besides, their feedback can help you make improvements to your draft.
Aside from that, several companies can work to check your output. Companies like Essay Kitchen provide reworking, proofreading, and editing services and also have a big catalog of pre-written essays. If you have the means to avail of their services online, try it. Since they’re available online, it is convenient. Their professional writers will check your work so that you can expect an output of outstanding quality afterward.
Constructing long essays may require you to work harder than usual. It could also take a lot of your time if you don’t know what to do. But, if you are familiar with how to handle this challenge, you will finish it soon. So, don’t forget to include several examples and resources, use transitional words, avoid shortcuts, and ask for feedback. Now that you know these tricks following them will help you write an extensive essay smartly.

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