Quality Control Supervisor eCourse (QCS)

QCS ecourse

Quality Control Supervisor eCourse (QCS)

AMPP’s Quality Control Supervisor (QCS) Course is a 10-hour interactive course, for the First-Line Supervisor. Maintaining the quality of the work performed during a coating project is central to its success. This course provides an overview of coatings project development and what policies, procedures and processes are necessary to achieve organization/ project objectives and prevent nonconformances.

The course includes workshop activities include interpreting the project specification and product data sheet information, developing a work plan and inspection plan, and reviewing inspection reports.

Who should attend
  • Project managers, coating specifiers, contracting officers, plant and facility managers, coating inspectors, and technical service representatives in the industrial and marine coatings industry.
  • SSPC (AMPP) Certified contractor personnel
  • Technical Quality Managers (TQM), and inspectors employed by SSPC-QP 5 inspection firms.
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Learning objectives

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the role and responsibilities of quality control supervisors within the quality management system
  • Describe the purpose and different types of policies, processes and procedures typically contained within a quality control manual
  • Explain how the quality control supervisor qualifies, trains, and assesses workers
  • State the technical resources a contractor, the QCS and QC inspector should have on-hand both in the office and at the job site
  • Outline how to establish and maintain a document control system
  • Summarize the requirements of an effective instrument calibration program
  • Apply document review procedures
  • Describe the role of work plans and process control procedures
  • Prepare work plans, inspection plans and other types of quality reports utilizing best practices
  • Summarize the different types of inspection reports
  • Discuss the requirements for conducting an internal audit of the contractor’s day-to-day operations to verify compliance with the quality management system

Course completion

To receive a training Certificate of Completion and professional development hours (PDHs) students must successfully complete the entire course, including all workshops and knowledge checks.

Quality Control Supervisor
10 Hours
10 Professional Development Hours (PDH)


No prior training or experience is required.

Note: This course is not intended to replace the more formal quality management courses available from such organizations as the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

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