A new year. A new AMPP membership model. New possibilities…

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Change brings questions. Find answers here. New AMPP Membership Model FAQs.

About NACE Membership

Representing more than 37,000 members in over 140 countries, NACE is globally recognized as the premier authority for corrosion control solutions across every major industry. NACE offers technical training and certifications, conferences, publications, and access to a global network of industry thought leaders.

As a NACE member, you join a society dedicated to the latest methods of corrosion prevention and control. Your membership benefits bring you new technology, internationally recognized research, and a network of peers that keep you up to speed in your industry.

NACE and SSPC Dual Membership

Until AMPP’s new membership model is launched, members of both NACE and SSPC can opt in for dual membership, which provides access to all the benefits of both organizations at no additional cost. Chose this option in your member profile.


Individual Membership

NACE International is globally recognized as the premier authority for corrosion prevention and control solutions due to the contributions of our members. Join today and experience all the benefits of NACE membership.

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Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership allows your company to gain exposure to industry leaders, access to standards and technological resources, while also providing savings on NACE's well-known and respected education and certification programs.

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Student Membership

Get involved with your local Section to take control of your future career, build the foundation for success, receive educational resources, and stay current with the latest industry news.

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Life & Senior Membership

As an industry veteran who has advanced the association through your continued involvement and participation, NACE International invites you to enroll in Lifetime or Senior Membership. Enjoy continued membership benefits at a reduced cost.

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NACE Career Development: Changing Your Life & Ours