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Why choose an AMPP Membership?

Get more for your career and for your organization. Unlike other industry associations, AMPP provides a comprehensive set of resources, opportunities, and connections not found with other associations. We offer a wealth of resources such as technical articles, industry publications, online training and papers, and research reports to help you stay up-to-date on industry developments. Joining AMPP is a decision that can truly transform your career and your business.

For you:
  • More opportunities to expand skills, knowledge, and experience
  • More resources to help you stay informed of industry trends
  • More connections with other professionals and industry experts
  • More recognition for your achievements and contributions

Become an AMPP Member

For your business:
  • More exposure for your business, products, and services
  • More potential customers through interactions and participation in events
  • More opportunities for recognition through speaking engagements, awards, and industry events
  • More connections to knowledge and resources to help improve your business

Become an AMPP Corporate Member

About AMPP Membership

AMPP Membership Types

Get the AMPP Membership that’s right for you

With options for individual and corporate memberships that addresses all types of individuals and company size, there is an AMPP membership that fits your need. From training and certification programs to global networking events, thought leadership opportunities, and online industry resources, AMPP offers a diverse range of benefits for professionals in the corrosion and coatings industries. Your membership can enhance your professional reputation, increase your visibility in the field, and open up new opportunities for career advancement and professional development.

Membership for you

An AMPP Membership helps to accelerate your career and gives you access to resources, opportunities, and networking. Make important connections through your membership, increase your knowledge, and further your career.

Individual Membership options:

  • Premium and Standard Membership
  • Young Professional Membership
  • Student Membership
  • Lifetime Membership

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Membership for your business

An AMPP Corporate Membership drives value for your career and your business. It helps to elevate the profile or your company and connect it to members worldwide while providing tremendous value to individuals within the organization, creating opportunities for you and your business.

Corporate Membership options:

  • Affiliate (With 50 Individual Memberships included)
  • Associate (With 25 Individual Memberships included)
  • Sustaining (With 13 Individual Memberships included)
  • Patron (With 5 Individual Memberships included)

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