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A new year. A new AMPP membership model.
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NACE and SSPC are now AMPP, The Association for Materials Protection and Performance Learn More

Attn. AMPP Members:

The new membership model has launched. It incorporates the best of SSPC and NACE legacy programs. Realize the possibilities it offers. Review your member profile for benefits and credentials; update contact info now to ensure receipt of your new AMPP digital badge.

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Not a member? AMPP’s tiered membership options allow everyone to become part of the world’s largest materials protection and performance community. Join today!

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AMPP delivers best-in-the-business education courses, training, and credentialing programs

Our courses prepare you to earn certifications, qualifications, and credentials that fuel and further your career. Great things are on the horizon as these programs come together.

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How can the absence of corrosion inspection impact your community?

On June 24, 2021, the Champlain Towers South condominium building collapsed before 1:30 a.m. and killed 98 people. This tragedy has left Americans grieving and wanting answers. While investigators continue their examination into the root cause, millions are left wondering, is my building safe? How do we prevent this from happening again? Could this have been prevented?

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Champlain Towers South

Industry-leading QP accreditation program

The best just keeps getting better. See what’s happening with the new contractor accreditation program from AMPP. Built on the foundation of the SSPC QP Program with added elements from the NACE Institute’s NIICAP Program, AMPP accreditation brings additional benefits to asset owners and contractors alike.

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Creating opportunities for students and veterans

NEW! The EMERG Student Outreach Program will open doors to opportunities for students and veterans through a variety of engagement programs. This new program is designed to raise awareness of career paths in the materials protection field.

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Standards drive technology innovation

AMPP is the destination for collaboratively developed consensus standards that establish best practices on surface prep, protective coatings application, quality assurance, and corrosion prevention and control. Use standards. Join in their development.

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