AMPP: Association for Materials Protection and Performance

Meet your newly elected members of the AMPP Board of Directors and the AMPP Global Center Board of Directors!

Join Commercial, Architectural, and Industrial Coatings Experts at the MPI Commercial Coatings Summit

August 18-19, 2021 | Washington, DC

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Stay on the cutting edge in the corrosion and coatings industries

The technical committees from both legacy NACE and SSPC come together for the first time as one organization! Help shape the industry by exchanging knowledge and experience, developing important standards, and establishing best practices. Don’t miss this chance to connect with peers and discover the latest products and services from leading corrosion and coatings organizations.

Corrosion Technology Week
October 17-21, 2021 | Houston, TX

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Our new membership model will launch in late 2021 bringing exciting new benefits to AMPP’s entire membership.

Enjoy the best of both NACE and SSPC until the new membership model is released.

Members can now enjoy benefits such as an expanded career center, online community and peer network, subscriptions to Materials Performance, CoatingsPro Magazine, as well as discounts on courses, events, company store purchases, and more.

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AMPP delivers best-in-the-business education courses, training, and credentialing programs

Our courses prepare you to earn certifications, qualifications, and credentials that fuel and further your career. Great things are on the horizon as these programs come together.

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AMPP education
AMPP Accreditation

Industry-leading QP accreditation program

The best just keeps getting better. See what’s happening with the new contractor accreditation program from AMPP. Built on the foundation of the SSPC QP Program with added elements from the NACE Institute’s NIICAP Program, AMPP accreditation brings additional benefits to asset owners and contractors alike.

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Sections, areas, and chapters - continue current operations

The sections, areas, and chapters of NACE and SSPC will continue to operate as usual for the first half of 2021. A plan to combine and create a new structure will be introduced in the second half of 2021.

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Creating opportunities for pre-professionals and veterans

The new AMPP pre-professional program will open doors to new opportunities for students and veterans through a variety of engagement programs. This new program is designed to raise awareness of career paths in the materials protection field.

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Establishing paint and coating standards for the industry

Did you know MPI curates paint and coatings performance standards, reference publications, training and certification programs for the industry, and a list of environmentally friendly coatings? And that’s not all.

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