QP Programs

QP Programs

When you specify QP, you specify quality

The QP Program provides tremendous benefits to specifying asset and facility owners as well as industrial and architectural coatings contractors. The program provides clearly defined standards and access to more high-quality jobs for contractors and risk reduction and recourse for asset owners. Many asset owners use the QP Program for pre-qualification as all QP accredited contractors must meet the same rigorous quality standards and undergo the QP field audit process.  

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QP for Contractors

Join the elite group of dedicated contractors across the globe with industry-standard capabilities, and a commitment to exceptional quality. 

Benefits for Contractors:

  • Owner specified
  • Clear quality quality standards
  • Reduced risks
  • Proves value to customers

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QP for Owners

Safeguard your assets and find the best contractors for all your coatings, lining, and inspection projects. Use QP as a pre-qualification for your selection process.

Benefits for Asset and Facility Owners:

  • Pre-qualification of contractors
  • Risk reduction
  • Experienced contractors and inspection firms
  • Asset longevity

Protect Your Assets With QP

QP for Inspection Companies

Grow your business with the QP 5 Program which provides opportunities for inspection companies and value for asset owners.

Benefits for Inspection Companies:

  • Access to higher-quality jobs
  • Improvements to QA procedures
  • Shows you are a leading provider
  • Refined internal processes

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QP accreditation programs overview

Hear from Dave Evans (Director, QP and Coatings Credentialing for AMPP) in this overview of the QP Program. The video discusses the program’s mechanics and how it benefits industrial coatings contractors and asset and facility owners. 

QP programs

QP 1 - Field application to complex industrial and marine structures

QP 1 evaluates the practices of industrial painting contractors in key areas of business related to field coating application.

Program overview

QP 2 - Field removal of hazardous coatings

QP 2 evaluates the capabilities of industrial/marine paint contractors on their ability to safely remove and properly manage hazardous coating material in the field.

Program overview

QP 3 - Shop painting

QP 3 has requirements similar to those for QP 1, except they are specifically focused on shop coating operations instead of field application.

Program overview

QP 5 - Accreditation for coating and lining inspection companies

The QP 5 accreditation program is for coating inspection companies that work in the industrial coating and lining industry.

Program overview

QP 6 - Contractor metallizing

QP 6 evaluates contractors on their ability to perform metallizing work to protect bridge, industrial or marine structures, or metal parts and have the technical capabilities to perform the work.

Program overview

QP 7 - Painting contractor introductory program

The objective of QP 7 is to provide a path for QP 1 accreditation for contractors with less experience.

Program overview

QP 8 - Installation of polymer coatings and surfacings on concrete and other cementitious surfaces

QP 8 accreditation is for polymer coatings or surfacings on concrete and other cementitious surfaces.

Program overview

QP 9 - Field application of architectural coatings

QP 9 evaluates the practices of commercial painting contractors in key areas of the business, setting forth the minimum level of service and quality.

Program overview

QS 1 - Quality management systems

QS 1 requires participating contractors to implement and document more stringent (ISO 9001-compliant) quality control and record-keeping procedures.

Program overview

QN 1 - Nuclear coating supplement

QN 1 evaluates the qualifications of industrial coating contractors that perform work in nuclear power plant and shop facilities.

Program overview

In-House Training Qualification - AS 3

Accreditation for employer in-house training of personnel for coating application.

Program overview

3rd Party Training Qualification - AS 3 ITO

Accreditation for training of personnel related to coating application for independent training organizations.

Program overview

QP Program Committees

Visit this page for information about the QP Program Committees including committee members, subcommittee chairs, AMPP QP Staff representatives, and the latest updates from committee meetings.

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History of the QP Program

The QP Program was established by coatings industry leaders who wanted an effective program that would raise quality standards for projects and recognize companies who operate at a higher level. This led to the creation of the SSPC QP (Quality Procedures) standards and the SSPC QP program and advisory committees.

Since the merger of NACE and SSPC to form AMPP, the QP program continues to lead the industry and provides tremendous value to asset owners and levels the playing field for contractors. Our advisory committee elevates the quality of the QP program by using consensus methods to set and review standards, while our Disciplinary Action Criteria (DAC) holds QP accredited contractors accountable for safety, quality, environmental, and ethical practice violations. If the standards are not met, our contractors are subject to the DAC’s penalties: warnings, probation, suspension, or revocation.