AMPP publications on protective coatings and corrosion control provide valuable insights from global experts on the latest research, best practices, and case studies. Editorial helps keep industry professionals abreast of the corrosion prevention technologies.

Materials Performance Magazine

Materials Performance (MP) is the world’s largest circulation magazine dedicated exclusively to corrosion prevention and control. MP covers the latest technologies used in industries and infrastructure worldwide including protective coatings, cathodic protection, chemical treatment, and materials selection and design.

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CoatingsPro Magazine

CoatingsPro Magazine takes a real-world look at coatings projects from the contractors’ viewpoint. The magazine covers coatings on concrete, steel, rooftops, and flooring, in both industrial and commercial applications.

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CORROSION journal publishes peer-reviewed technical articles from the world’s top researchers. It covers research on corrosion mechanisms, predictors, material properties and design, and experimental techniques affecting a wide range of industries and alloys.

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Digital Publications

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The AMPP Podcasts series is a collection of free audio podcasts by the Association for Materials Protection and Performance.

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AMPP Webcasts offer educational presentations related to corrosion as a way to connect people within the corrosion community in an engaging and interactive way.

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The AMPP Technical Library carries more than 300 titles dedicated to materials protection and performance, particularly corrosion control and mitigation. And, AMPP accepts book manuscripts for publication consideration.

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Advertising Solutions

Reach the largest corrosion and protective coatings audiences worldwide through AMPP Media Solutions – CORROSION journal, Materials Performance, CoatingsPro Magazine and the many print and digital marketing channels each of these publications offer. Or, consider submitting an article to reach your market.

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