AB 1 Qualified Products List

Qualified product list for non-metallic abrasives meeting requirements of SSPC-AB 1

In response to requests from facility owner and abrasive supplier members, we have developed an online Qualified Product List (QPL) that will list non-metallic abrasives certified to meet the requirements of Section 4 of SSPC-AB 1 after verification by third-party testing. This list will enable specifiers and facility owners to quickly select suitable certified media for projects.

The list of certified media is accessible to the public from this site. Manufacturers of non-metallic abrasive media can apply for certification by submitting a completed application form accompanied by copies of test results, safety data sheets, and completed quality attestation forms from third-party testing laboratories on the laboratory letterhead. We may contact the laboratories to confirm that testing was performed. Laboratory tests must be performed in accordance with the requirements of SSPC-AB 1 and the standards referenced in it that are in effect at the time the application is submitted.

Listings on the QPL are valid for two-year periods from the date the certification letter is issued. After the two-year period expires, the material must be retested to remain certified and be listed on the QPL.

Verification Testing: Certified abrasives have successfully met all SSPC-AB 1 testing criteria and have been verified by laboratory testing under controlled conditions to produce the Profile Grade for which they are certified, as shown below:

  • Grade 1 – Abrasives that produce surface profiles of 0.5 to 1.5 mils (13 to 38 micrometers [μm]) when tested in accordance with Section 4.1.8.
  • Grade 2 – Abrasives that produce surface profiles of 1.0 to 2.5 mils (25 to 64 μm) when tested in accordance with Section 4.1.8.
  • Grade 3 – Abrasives that produce surface profiles of 2.0 to 3.5 mils (51 to 89 μm) when tested in accordance with Section 4.1.8.
  • Grade 4 – Abrasives that produce surface profiles of 3.0 to 5.0 mils (75 to 127 μm) when tested in accordance with Section 4.1.8.
  • Grade 5 – Abrasives that produce surface profiles of 4.0 to 6.0 mils (102 to 152 μm) when tested in accordance with Section 4.1.8.

We reserve the right to obtain samples of unused qualified media for verification testing during the certification term. The sample may be obtained from the field by us, by the contractor, or by the owner. The verification testing may include any or all the tests required by AB 1 at our discretion.

If verification testing finds the material out of compliance, the manufacturer is notified, and has 2 to 3 days to supply replacement conforming product to the customer and to AMPP with laboratory test verification of conformance. The manufacturer shall be responsible for costs associated with testing required to confirm correction of nonconformities. The product shall be removed from QPL until test results confirm the product meets SSPC-AB 1 requirements.

For more information about participating in the AB 1 Program, please contact Aimee Beggs or 412.288.6042.

LIST of SSPC-AB 1 Qualified Products
(As of September 15, 2021)

Company Product Profile Grade AB 1 Media Type AB 1 Silica Class Certification Date Expires Processing Plant Location
Lizette Venter
16th Floor
2 Long Street
Cape Town
Platinum Grit B-20 LC Grades 2,3 II, Magnesium Iron Silicate A October 1, 2023 Rustenburg, Norh West Province, South Africa
Platinum Grit B-40 LC Grade 3
Platinum Grit B-60 LC Grades 3,4
Platinum Grit B-90 LC Grade 4
Jean-Yves Angers
2899 Frontenac E
Thetford Mines, QC G6G 6P6
JetMag 30-60 Grade 4 II Magnesium Silicate (Synthetic Olivine) A August 1, 2023 Thetford Mines, QC, Canada
JetMag 32-B4 Grades 3,4
JetMag 35-70 Grades 2,3
Santiago Faucher
700 Third Line, Suite 125
Oakville ON L6L 4B1
+1 905-580-5844
Duramax 20/45 Grade 4 II Iron Spinel (Synthetic Garnet) A February 1, 2022 Vijayanagar, INDIA
Grades 4,5 II Iron Spinel (Synthetic Garnet) A September 1, 2022 Busan, KOREA
Texan Stone LLC
Mr. Mani Palani
Texan Stone, LLC dba
Texan Minerals and Chemicals
2814 Murphy Road
Stafford, TX 77477
Texindian Garnet 30-60 Grades 3,4 I Garnet A September 1, 2022 LaPorte, TX
Carlton Glass Enterprises, Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Amos Syn
Carlton Glass Enterprises, Pvt. Ltd.
29 Changi North Crescent
Singapore 499619
+65 97226628
Illumiglas Grade 3 II Crushed Glass A October 1, 2022 Singapore
10X Engineered Materials, LLC
Mr. Nathaniel Griffin
10X Engineered Materials, LLC
1162 Manchester Ave.
Wabash, IN 46992
10X abrasive media 20/40 Grades 1,3,4 II Manufactured Tempered Mineral A October 1, 2022 Wabash, Indiana
10X abrasive media 20/70 Grades 3,4
10X abrasive media 40/70 Grade 3
10X abrasive media 70/100 Grades 2,3
Opta Minerals, Inc.
Mr. Steven Fagan
407 Parkside Drive
Waterdown, ON L0R 2H0
Powerblast(staurolite) Grade 3 I, Staurolite B November 1, 2022 Vilohirsl, UKRAINE
Emerald Creek Garnet 30/40 Grade 4 I, Garnet B November 1, 2022 Fernwood, ID USA
Emerald Creek Garnet 36 Grades 4,5
Emerald Creek Garnet 60 Grades 3,4
Emerald Creek Garnet 80 Grades 3,4
Galaxy 20-40 Grades 3,4 I, Garnet A November 1, 2022 Liang Cheng,P.R. CHINA
Galaxy 30-60 Grades 4,5
International Garnet 20-40 Grade 4 I, Garnet A November 1, 2022 Keesville, NY USA
International Garnet 30-60 Grades 3,4
Green Grit 20-30 Grades 4,5 II, Crushed Glass A November 1, 2022 Waterdown, ON CANADA
Green Grit 30-60 Grades 3,4
Ebony Grit 20 Grades 4,5 Copper Slag A November 1, 2022 Waterdown, ON CANADA
Allredi, LLC
Mr. Don Thompson
3009 Pasadena Freeway, Suite 100
Pasadena, TX 77503
563-324-2519 x216
Marco Alluvial Garnet, #36 Grades 3,4 I, Garnet B December 1, 2022 Wulanchubu City,
Inner Mongolia,
Marco Alluvial Garnet, 30/60 Grade 3 I, Garnet A
Mineral Tech Gulf Coast Abrasives, LLC
Mr. Lloyd Callais
11501 Crosby Lynchburg Road
Crosby, TX 77532
Medium Grade 12/40 Grade 5 II, Nickel slag/Magnesium silicate “Emerald Blast” A April 1, 2023 Crosby, TX
Medium-Fine Grade 16-50 Grades 4,5
Fine Grade 30-60 Grade 4
Green Diamond Performance Materials
Mr. Steve Rupe
500 E 6th Street
Riddle, OR 97469
3060 Grades 2,3 II, Fused Magnesium Orthosilicate A May 1, 2023 Riddle, OR
GDM28 Grades 2,3
GDX45 Grades 2,3
3050 Grades 3,4
GDM38 Grades 3,4
2050 Grade 4
GDX36 Grade 4
1650 Grades 4,5
GDM48 Grades 4,5
1636 Grades 4,5
1630 Grades 4,5
Mr. Tim Poor
7251 Cross County Road
N. Charleston, SC 29418
843-760-3000 Ext. 308
Rocket Garnet #80 Grades 2,3 I, Garnet A May 1, 2023 Matikhalo, Odisha
Rocket Garnet 30×60 Grades 4,5