AMPP Volunteer opportunities

AMPP Volunteer Opportunities

Giving back is one of our core tenants and helps to foster a greater sense of belonging within our membership, the industry, and the larger community. When the industry gives back, it elevates the perception of our industry and the organizations within it and can also help to motivate people to enter the corrosion and coatings industries.

In addition, volunteering with your professional association also provides:

  • Networking: An opportunity to connect with other professionals and expand your network
  • Professional Development: Develop skills and experience outside of your regular job duties
  • Career Support: Provides a platform to influence the direction and policies of our industry
  • Recognition: Awards and other forms of recognition enhance your reputation and credibility

We offer various volunteer opportunities related to all skill levels and expertise, with a mix of one-time and longer-term opportunities. Opportunities are posted throughout the year but we have some recurring opportunities that happen each year.

Recurring opportunities

AMPP Program Committee Nominations
(July- September)
Awards, Ethics, Finance, Accreditation, Certification, Advocacy, Membership and Nominating Program Committees

AMPP Global Center Program Committee Nominations
(December- February)
Education, Standards, Technical, Research, Conference, Publications and EMERG Program Committees

AMPP Chapter Officers Self-Nominations
(March – April)
All AMPP Chapters solicit self-nominations for leadership positions

Certification volunteer opportunities

Interested in helping shape the future of AMPP Certifications? Use your professional experience to help create certification exams.
Learn more

AMPP Standards committees

Joining a standards committee helps you and your employer through exposure, industry connections, and learnings. Help support and influence the industry.
Learn more

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800 Trumball Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
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Online Opportunity

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