Program Committee Chair (Volunteer) 2024-2026

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Signup Deadline: 12-31-2023
Starts: 07-01-2024
Ends: 06-30-2026
Location: Online Opportunity


POSITION: Program Committee Chair

The Program Committee Chair leads a committee of up to 15 members that oversees a specific AMPP or AMPP Global Center activity (e.g., Education, Standards, Certification, Conferences, etc.). The Chair orchestrates the recruitment of members of the committee to ensure it possesses the necessary KSA’s and reflects all diverse aspects of the global AMPP membership. The Chair determines the agenda and the timing for all meetings of the committee, and ensures the committee is aligned with the strategic plan of the Association.

Program Committee Chair- Volunteer Positions available:

Education & Training



[If interested, download Application Form at the bottom of this page] 


• Uphold the AMPP/AMPP Global Center Bylaws, Charters, and Association Policies.
• Review roster candidates on an annual basis, cross-referencing the Competency Model during the review/interviews, and working with the appropriate staff/board to ensure there are enough applications for review during each cycle.
• Ensure committee representation is global in nature, including key global stakeholders from a diverse cross-section of industries and technologies.
• Lead in representation of a cross-section of the AMPP/AMPP Global Center membership, emphasizing various diversity factors, e.g., gender, age, industries, etc.
• Commitment to represent the committee to the board(s), at each board meeting, through presentations and time commitments.
• Facilitate the alignment of the committee’s objectives to the organization’s overall strategic plan.


  • Must be a member of the Association in good standing.
  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills.
  • Have employer time support for the required term.
  • Be familiar with appropriate (AMPP’s/AMPP Global Center’s) governance documents: procedures, ROO, Bylaws and Charters.


  • Understands that the Association was conceived and chartered to be a fully global organization.
    • Broad Industry Contacts and Links to Other Organizations
    • Seeks and values diversity of thought from others.
  • Strategic Planning
    • Understands the strategic planning, financial management and budgeting principles necessary to sustain the welfare and growth of the Association.
    • Represents the interests of multiple, diverse stakeholders in analyzing the strategic direction of the Association by supporting and communicating the AMPP and AMPP Global Center mission.
    • Understanding the Role of the Program Committee Chair and Driving Forward the Committee’s and AMPP’s Strategic Plan
  • Keep the Program and Boards aware of opportunities being worked to move into new industries and upcoming technology
    • Ethics and Integrity
  • Put aside personal preferences for the good of AMPP
    • Act immediately on any known ethical issues
  • Strategic Thinking+
    • Set Direction
    • Global Awareness
    • Business Mindset
  • Leadership and Facilitation Skills
    • Communication
    • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
    • Complex/Volunteer Org.
    • Decision Making-Seeks and uses facts and data as well as organizational aspiration as a guide for decision making
    • Engagement
    • Motivation
    • Influence
    • Use AMPP Rules of Order at all meetings
    • Keep Committee focused (Task at Hand) (Consensus not Unanimous Consent)
  • Governance
    • Program Management Skills
    • Commitment
    • Innovation
    • Ability to lead a diverse team to complete tasks in a timely manner

The Program Committee members are accountable to their governing Board of Directors.

Service on an AMPP/AMPP Global Center Program Committee is without remuneration.

Voting member status on a Program Committee precludes participation on other Program Committees and Governance Subcommittees, other than ad-hoc (Task Force) groups.

If you are interested: 
Download the attached form and return it to Carmen Peebles- AMPP_and_AMPP_GC_Program_Committee_Chair_Application 

(Carmen's email address is in the form)

Volunteers Needed:

3 (3 open slots)




Carmen Peebles