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We offer publications that cover the latest in corrosion control and mitigation, research, and real-world protective coatings projects. They offer valuable insights from global experts on the latest research, best practices, and case studies. Our editorial staff helps keep industry professionals abreast of the latest corrosion prevention and performance technologies and thinking.

Materials Performance Magazine

Each month, Materials  Performance provides in-depth coverage of the latest methods of corrosion control used in industries and infrastructure worldwide. Stay informed with industry-leading research articles, topic-specific supplemental issues, and MP Buyer’s Guide, the premiere directory to find products and services you need from key industry suppliers

Featured MP article
How Stress Corrosion Cracking Led to Arizona Pipeline Blast

U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators believe a deadly natural-gas pipeline explosion in rural Arizona resulted from gaps in protective tape wrapping.

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CoatingsPro Magazine

Real-world coatings discussions and solutions that you can use in your role. CoatingsPro Magazine has been a go-to industry resource for coatings contractors since 2001. In each issue, you can follow along on commercial and industrial coating projects and receive the latest news and practical solutions to help you do the best job possible. 

Featured CP article
Metallic Epoxy Floors: Truths, Lies, and Offering an Honest Solution

The number one destruction to the industry and a common lie that I see when it comes to metallic floors is how they’re being installed in garages.

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The world’s top corrosion researchers have trusted CORROSION journal since 1945 to provide industry-leading, peer-reviewed articles that move corrosion science forward. Our extensive library includes more than 7,800 peer-reviewed articles covering research on corrosion mechanisms, predictors, material properties and design, and experimental techniques affecting a wide range of industries and alloys.

Featured CJ article
Progress and Opportunities in Computational Modeling of Localized Corrosion

The computational modeling of localized corrosion is discussed and the advantages and disadvantages are compared.

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