Online Exam Proctoring

Online Exam

Remote online exam proctoring

AMPP has partnered with Examity to offer online test proctoring!

With the new Examity platform, you can take exams from home without the need to arrange for a proctor or take at a testing site. Online proctored exams are offered currently for select exams.

Scheduling exams with Examity

  1. Log in to “My Certification Portal”
  2. Click on Schedule/Manage exams (left-hand navigation menu)
  3. Exam included with course fee:
    • Exam will be pre-populated (If not, contact Customer Support)
  4. Exam NOT included with the course fee:
    • Select exam from drop-down list (Choose an Examination)
    • Complete payment and follow prompts
  5. Select Resume exam request
  6. Refresh your screen and proceed to Schedule with Examity

When scheduling your exam within 24 hours, you will see a message stating an extra fee will apply, but you can still proceed and will not be charged an extra fee.

Examity resources

Other notes

  • For open book exams, any applicable resource is provided in the online exam, no books or papers are permitted
  • Calculators are also provided in the exam if needed

Testing environment requirements

  • Must be alone in the room
  • Desk and surrounding area need to be clean
  • No phones or headphones in use
  • Must be connected to a power source
  • No dual monitors or talking
  • Webcam, speakers, and microphone must remain in use throughout the exam
  • Restroom break allowed, but takes away from exam time

Other exam requirements

  • Government issued photo ID is required
  • Chrome or Firefox browser recommended (Internet Explorer not supported)
  • For Mac, use Chrome or Firefox
  • Disable pop-up blocker during the exam
  • Desktop or laptop PC / computer must be used for the exam, no phones or tablets​