Industrial Coating Application (ICA) Training Program

Industrial Coating Application (ICA) Training Program

Hands-on, flexible training you control

The Industrial Coating Application (ICA) Training Program is carefully designed as a customizable program, giving you flexibility when training sprayers and abrasive blasters through an easy to understand, engaging format, including hands-on workshops, and more. 

AMPP offers you the ability, through this program, to select your own qualified personnel to instruct lessons at a pace that works for your company. This subscription-based product gives you unlimited, 24/7 access to student workbook files, presentation slide decks, and other instructional aides for each lesson. 

How does the program work?


An annual fee grants you 24/7, unrestricted access to all lessons and their respective content.


Train your employees and students with a qualified individual of your choice to instruct the material of each lesson. AMPP will provide recommendations on instructor qualifications, but ultimately your company will select an instructor. 


If your students desire recognition, for a small fee, AMPP will issue a certificate of completion, official Professional Development Hours (PDH) credits, and ensure that your students are recognized for the training when applying for certifications. 

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Lessons accessible through this program

Industrial Blaster

Industrial Blaster

This lesson covers the basics of abrasive blasting, focused on safely getting the blast hose into the hands of those being trained faster than ever. 

  • 4 labs featuring hands-on blasting workshops
  • 9 lessons on surface preparation, hand & power tools, safety, and more
  • 20 total hours of engaging content 

Industrial Sprayer

This lesson is focused on training sprayers in a concentrated, engaging, hands-on way. Getting the sprayer components involved early in the training process. 

  • 3 labs featuring hands-on spraying workshops
  • 8 lessons on coating fundamentals, receiving & storage, application, and more
  • 20 total hours of content 
Industrial Sprayer

Designed with key audiences in mind


For contractors

  • Train personnel on a timeline synced with upcoming jobs.
  • Meets AMPP QP training needs.
  • Better prepares employees for C7, C12, and CAS certifications.
  • Select your own experienced professional to teach the class(es).
  • Fees are annual, and the number of personnel you train is unlimited.
  • Tailor content to a specific asset or industry.
  • Cuts required experience hours in half for those seeking a C7 or C12 certification.
Training providers

For training providers

  • Creates a partnership between you and AMPP.
  • Subscription is an annual flat fee, regardless of the number of courses administered.
  • Train around your student's schedules.
  • Set your own prices.
  • Digitally access the material from AMPP 24/7.
  • No specific instructor requirements; AMPP will provide recommended qualifications.

Meet job site requirements even faster

Cut the required experience hours in half when getting your crew members certified with an Abrasive Blaster (C7) or a Spray Application (C12). A candidate must have had their ICA certificate of completion issued from AMPP for both the Blaster and Sprayer units.

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Frequently asked questions

Please fill out our interest form so we can contact you with further information.

This is a subscription-based program with a one-time flat fee, paid annually. Admin fees do apply if you wish to have your students recognized by AMPP.

For a small fee, providers can report their students training to AMPP so that they can receive a Certificate of Completion, Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and recognition of their training to be used towards future certifications.

The Industrial Coating Inspection (ICA) Licensed Program connects with required certifications like Abrasive Blaster (C7), Spray Application (C12), and Coating Applicator Specialist (CAS) Programs.

The ICA Licensed Program units provide a basic overview of concepts, standards, and profiles. They are the perfect starting point for someone working towards their blaster or applicator certification.

This education program’s content gives new coatings personnel a taste of what’s to come for them in the field. Giving you confidence that they will have a base level of knowledge on a jobsite.

While not a required prerequisite for any of our certifications, we highly recommend the following career professions towards AMPP certifications.

  • Industrial Blaster → C7
  • Industrial Sprayer → C12
  • Industrial Blaster & Industrial Sprayer → CAS Program

Contractors and Training Providers have the option to submit student rosters to AMPP. This results in recorded training on official transcripts, issuance of Professional Development Hours (PDH) credits, and the presentation of digital Certificates of Completion. There is an additional fee associated with this service.

Yes, this training program can be used by your company internally to meet QP employee training needs. Please review specific training requirements for your QP accreditation in your portal.

This program is administered differently than some of our other courses and certifications but can be added to your available courses as a licensed provider or training partner of AMPP. Contact us today by filling out a form and we can walk through the specifics of your facility, including pricing and fees.

  • Unlimited access to the course units and their content.
    • Industrial Blaster Lesson
    • Industrial Sprayer Lesson
  • Guidelines and helpful suggestions for how to select instructor(s).
  • Guidelines for equipment needs to conduct hands-on workshops.

The program is available in English. You have the ability to translate materials if needed.