Lead Paint Removal Refresher (C5) Course

Lead Paint Removal Refresher (C5)

Lead/Hazardous Paint Removal Refresher (C5) Course

This 1-day course provides a review of Competent Person duties and responsibilities in working with lead and other hazardous materials encountered in industrial coatings work. It also reviews relevant OSHA and EPA regulations.

Who should attend

  • Painting contractors
  • Competent Persons
  • Specifying or project managers
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) personnel
  • Engineers
  • Consultants
Upcoming Courses Requirements for C5

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Why attend - benefits of attending

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify sources of hazardous coatings and materials and the relative risks posed by industrial painting activities
  • Describe the potential effects of hazardous coatings/materials
  • Implement controls and work practices necessary to protect the public, environment, and workers during industrial hazardous coating removal activities
  • Apply procedures to measure and verify the continued adequacy of control options

What this course covers

  • Competent person requirements
  • Health effects / OSHA health standards
  • EPA regulations
  • Overview of containment and ventilation
  • Regulatory update

Course format

Each participant will receive a comprehensive manual that includes references for additional reading and copies of relevant handouts. Hands-on workshops following most of the units reinforce the key points and give students the opportunity to test their knowledge. Quizzes help the students prepare for the 100-question multiple-choice exam administered at the end of the course.

To receive a certificate and CEUs, you must attend all 8 hours of the course and attain a 70% or better score on the exam.

1 Day Course
0.8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)


No prior training or experience is required

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Additional information

The C5 Refresher Course is required to be completed:

  • Annually for those people working with companies that are SSPC QP 2 (now AMPP QP) certified, or on projects where the QP 2 accreditation is required or;
  • AMPP recommends every two years for all others unless regulatory or contract requirements are more stringent.

Note: Check with the Department of Environment with your state for their specific requirements. Most states require a C5 refresher every two years.

Note: Virginia Department of Environment is every 3 years.

AMPP reserves the right to allow a 90-day grace period after the 1 or 2 year time frame to allow students time to attend a refresher class.

State Supplements
State supplements are available with this course for an additional charge of $25 per state, for

For information on State Supplements contact Customer Support at 1-800-797-6223 (U.S./Canada) or +1-281-228-6223.

QP 2 Requirements

This AMPP course meets the requirements of state programs that require refresher training to maintain supervisor certification and meets QP 2 requirements for competent person training certification.

Worker Training for Lead Paint Abatement and Removal from Steel Structures Manual SSPC has produced a Lead Paint Worker Safety course designed for contractors to train their workers to meet OSHA requirements for annual worker training.