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Coating Inspectors

Coating inspection

Our certifications and courses are the industry standard, developed in conjunction with industry experience and associated standards.

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Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection

Our cathodic protection program (CP) leads the industry and is the most specified and recognized program in the world.

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Coating applicators

Our surface preparation and coating application (craftworker) programs are industry recognized and designed to give you the skills necessary to succeed in your field.

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Coatings courses and certifications

Our courses are designed for coatings professionals across multiple industries and can help prepare you for several of our credentials. They cover a variety of coatings topics and come in a range of delivery options.

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coatings courses and certifications

general corrosion

Corrosion courses and certifications

Our courses suit a range of corrosion professionals, from those new to the industry looking to get a basic understanding, to industry veterans looking to bolster their careers.

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Pipeline industry

Whether buried in the ground, exposed to the atmosphere, or submerged in water, pipelines must be properly maintained and protected from corrosion. These pipeline certifications and education courses are focused on the need to manage the integrity of pipelines.

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Specialized and advanced programs

Representing the highest level of certification offered, our specialty certifications are awarded to individuals who are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and capable of performing work and at an advanced theoretical and practical level in the following corrosion and corrosion control disciplines.

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marine navy

Marine and Navy industry

Our marine and navy courses have been developed and designed specifically for those who work in marine environments. Plural components, Navy specified requirements, and more are covered in these programs.

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