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Embrace a career where your work safeguards infrastructure and the environment. Our AMPP programs are designed not just to educate but to empower. You’ll gain real-world experience, working with the latest technologies and techniques in materials protection. Your passion for problem-solving, attention to detail, and technical skills are honed for a successful career in a field that makes a real-world impact.

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Coating Inspectors

Coating inspection

Combine your analytical skills with hands-on work to protect industrial structures. Enjoy a stable career with good earning potential & contribute to safer, longer-lasting infrastructure around the world.

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Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection

Future engineers and problem solvers! Are you fascinated by science, chemistry, and working with your hands? Discover Cathodic Protection - where you’ll protect critical infrastructure like pipelines, buildings, bridges, and ships.

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Coatings applications

Non-traditional learning for those who enjoy hands-on trial and error methods. Coatings application careers are physically demanding and financially rewarding to those who are willing to learn and up for a challenge.

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The pipeline industry

Whether buried in the ground, exposed to the atmosphere, or submerged in water, pipelines must be properly maintained and protected from corrosion. These pipeline certifications and education courses are focused on the need to manage the integrity of pipelines.

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coatings courses and certifications

general corrosion

Marine and navy industry

Our marine and navy programs have been developed and designed specifically for those who work in marine environments. Plural components, Navy specified requirements, and more are covered in these programs.

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Individuals certified
Individuals certified
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How to gain a certification with AMPP


Gain experience, meet requirements

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Register, learn from experts, pass exams. Some certifications will only require an application.


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AMPP education

Tailor your learning experience

With AMPP, you have the power to choose the learning path that fits your needs, whether it’s the flexibility of online courses, the structure of virtual learning, or the interactive nature of traditional classrooms. Maximize your educational journey by selecting the mode that best suits your individual learning style, and take a significant step toward achieving your educational and career goals.

Discover your ideal learning path and propel your career forward with AMPP.

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General coatings programs

Covering a variety of coatings topics and in a range of delivery options, our courses are designed for coatings professionals across multiple industries and can help prepare you for several of our credentials.

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Specialized and advanced programs

Representing the highest level of certification offered, our specialty certifications are awarded to individuals who are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and capable of performing work and at an advanced level.

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General corrosion programs

Learn corrosion mitigation techniques whether you are new to the industry looking to get a basic understanding or an industry veteran looking to improve your knowledge on your career journey.

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