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AMPP believes in developing talent and offers participation in programs like the AMPP Leadership Development program and the Emerging Leaders Alliance to help young professionals develop into leaders.

AMPP Member Leadership Development Program

AMPP Member Leadership Development Program

Each year, AMPP invests in the Member Leadership Development Program (MLDP). The intent of this program is to provide enhanced leadership skills and training to members who may have interest in serving in upper-level member leadership roles within the organization in the future. The program includes training sessions that help provide a more in depth understanding of AMPP, its governance structure, the strategic plan, as well as its products, programs, and services. In addition, participants in the program will also intensify their own leadership skills with sessions in emotional intelligence, change management, communication skills, presentation skills, and much more.

This program launches with a one-day in-person event preceding the AMPP Annual Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans on Saturday, March 2nd and continues with a series of monthly online training sessions beginning in April and extending through July. This would require support from your company to fund travel to the conference and allow for 3 hours of online training each month for April, May, June, and July.

The program culminates with a small group presentation to the Joint Executive Committee in July or August of 2024.

The recruitment window for the 2024 class will open on September 15th and will extend through December 31st.

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