Mr. Noam Yehoud

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2005-2009 - B.Sc Mechanical Engineering.
2009-2011 - Mechanical Engineer at Bermad Water Control Solutions.
2011-2020 - Coating Technologist at Bermad Water control Solutions.
Writing coating specifications, application procedures, and inspection protocols.
Executing coating application at subcontractors in Israel and abroad.
Specialising in powder coating application, on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Corrosion control design for water control valves.
2014 - NACE CIP LEVEL 2 Certified.

2020-today - Industrial Coatings Technical Manager at Nirlat. Responsible for all technical aspects of corrosion protective coatings at Nirlat, specializing in wet paint.
Writing coating specifications, teaching costumers about corrosion control using protective coatings, how to use paint correctly, coating selection, coating durability and suitability, and many other aspects...
Deploying our technical team as needed by the costumers for field engagement to make sure they are geting the needed technical support.
Working closely with Nirlat laboratory and with PPG technical support in order to bring their expirience and knowledge to the field.
2020 - NACE PCS 2 - Advanced course.



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