Mr. Frederick Pessu Ph.D

University of Leeds

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Dr Frederick Pessu has a broad based science and engineering background that includes; Corrosion science and Engineering, Electrochemistry and Surface characterization, Material Science and Engineering, Materials Selection, Oilfield production chemistry, Chemical and process engineering, Corrosion in Renewable energy systems; Concentrated Solar Power (CSPs) plants and Gen IV nuclear reactors (MSRs) and Research and development.

Dr Frederick Pessu holds a B.Eng degree in chemical engineering, a MSc. (Eng) and PhD degree in Corrosion Engineering from the School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds and 11 years aggregate experience in the area of corrosion science and engineering.

Dr Frederick Pessu's research interests is rooted in electrochemistry, corrosion science and corrosion engineering, material selection and optimisation, and corrosion mitigation for applications related to arduous corrosion systems. The research context cuts across different energy production systems but with specific interests in;

Oil and Gas production systems where CO2 and H2S corrosion are prevalent

Pitting corrosion in both oil and gas, and renewable energy contexts

Renewable energy production systems where molten salts are deployed at high; Concentrated Solar Power Generation Plants (CSP), Generation IV Molten Salt Reactors (MSR).

Geothermal Energy systems where corrosion is driven by high salinity levels, high temperatures and presence of acid gases.

Design and development of bespoke experimental methods for corrosion studies



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