QP 2 – Field Coating Removal


Field removal of hazardous coatings

The QP 2 accreditation is a nationally-recognized program that evaluates the capabilities of industrial/marine paint contractors on their ability to safely remove and properly manage hazardous coating material in the field. These standards are defined as the minimum level of service and quality.

The program is designed to provide facility owners and specification writers a means to determine whether the painting contractor has the capability to perform surface preparation and coating application of hazardous material in the field on complex industrial and marine structures, such as:

  • Bridges
  • Food and beverage facilities
  • Off-shore drilling
  • Power generation facilities
  • Petro / chemical plants
  • Storage tanks
  • Ships maintenance
  • Wastewater treatment facilities

QP 2 builds on the standards and guidelines of QP 1 to further qualify the industrial contracting company in hazardous paint removal operations. Since QP 1 accreditation is a prerequisite for QP 2, accreditation for both can be completed at the same time. 

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To be accredited, industrial contractors must demonstrate competence in these key areas:

  • Management of hazardous paint removal projects
  • Technical capabilities related to hazardous paint removal
  • Personnel qualifications and training
  • Safety and environmental compliance programs

The evaluation process

The QP 2 evaluation process is the same as QP 1, but the active job site must be a hazardous paint removal project with all protective measures in place and functioning.

Similar to QP 1, the QP 2 program guidelines are first evaluated through the required submittals that describe the contractor’s procedures, practices, and programs. Then an SSPC auditor performs an impartial active job site audit to verify the use of the submitted practices and programs.

The on-site audit criteria can be found in both the QP 2 Application and the Internal Audit Checklist that can be found on the QP Forms page.

SSPC suggests that the contractor perform a self-evaluation prior to submitting an application or scheduling the audit.

QP 2 background

QP 2 was developed by consensus to meet the industry’s need for better management and control on projects involving the removal of hazardous paint from structural steel in the field. The QP 2 standard and accreditation were designed to build on the guidelines established in QP1, and provide facility owners with a means to evaluate the primary capability of industrial paint contractors specific to the needs of hazardous paint removal projects. This expansion program was first released in 1993.