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AMPP Research Program

The Research Program Committee (RPC) provides many avenues for both AMPP members and nonmembers to participate with the program. Through our interconnected committee structure within AMPP, we provide a platform for all material performance and protection related research stakeholders to enhance and deliver their technical understanding of various subject matters.

Ways to get involved

Research Community of Interest

Our Research Community of Interest (found below) is designed to bring materials protection and performance research professionals together from all over the globe. This community of interest provides them with a centralized platform to discuss current issues, new and emerging technologies, and ways to volunteer with the AMPP Research Program on a continuous basis.

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Task Forces

The AMPP Research Program Committee may approve the creation of a task force that advises a Program Committee for a discrete purpose for a time period of up to one year. The Research Program currently has (4) Task Forces that are active.

Current Research Program Committee Task Forces

Joint Task Force for 2024 Conference Activities

This Task Force includes the Vice Chair of RPC, a member from CEPC, and Chair of each Research in Progress (RIP) session, Research Topical Symposium (RTS), and Student Poster Session (SPS)

Note, this task force is still looking for members. If interested, please email

AMPP Research Seed Grant Task Force

This Task Force is wrapping up their activities and will be delivering their recommendations to the Research Program soon. This Task Force is not looking for members at this time.

AMPP Topical Roadmap Task Force (Joint with Technical Program)

This Task Force has kicked off and their activities are on-going. They are not looking for members at this time.

Research Market Opportunities Task Force

This Task Force is looking for members at this time. If you are interested in joining this Task Force, please email

For any additional questions for the AMPP Research Program, please contact us at

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