Diversity and Inclusion Grant

AMPP 4th Annual Diversity and Inclusion Grant

Our industry must support equality and opportunity. We have established this grant to help historically excluded and intentionally marginalized people worldwide to achieve professional success in the corrosion and coatings industry.

AMPP is committed to providing opportunities in the industry for those who need them and to help in this effort, we established the AMPP Diversity and Inclusion Grant.

Apply today or forward to a deserving person.

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Who is eligible?

Members of historically excluded and intentionally marginalized populations due to inequitable historical and present-day policies, or regulations, lack of infrastructure and resources, discrimination, conflicts, and targeted exclusion. These groups include (but are not limited to): members of underrepresented racial groups, women, people who identify as LGBTQIA+, individuals with disabilities, low-income individuals, and others.

Award amount

The resources provided through this grant depend on the needs of each applicant as demonstrated through the application. Award amounts may range from $500 to $2,500.

Application period

July 1, 2024 – September 30, 2024

For questions about the AMPP Diversity and Inclusion Grant, please contact Brandy.Adams@ampp.org or Kim.Ray@ampp.org.

2024 Grant Recipients

Adetunji Makinde

Adetunji Makinde

Lagos, Nigeria
Laboratory Manager at Midwal Engineering Services Limited 

With this grant, I look forward to acquiring the right certification, training, and experience to break the limitations of my professional development which has kept me in the same place for years. Having a robust and all-round experience is key in helping me develop professionally. This funding will also enable me to achieve a lifelong dream of being an entrepreneur and creating job opportunities.

Elizabeth Bradshaw

Elizabeth Bradshaw

Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

This grant will give me the opportunity to work in the field and be a part of a highly important process in a male dominated field. There is a need for more women in the corrosion coating inspection industry and with this certification I will have a greater opportunity to become a part of this industry.

Pooi Ying Choong

Pooi Ying Choong

Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Part time CP Technical Personnel at Mach3 Engineering Sdn. Bhd. 

The lack or almost no involvement by females with high technical capabilities and certification in both field work and theoretical knowledge concurrently is a prevalent issue in our region. This grant will serve as a steppingstone for me to pursue my passion in CP and will give me an opportunity to serve my region too. I am working towards being a trusted, reliable, and recognized female CP3 serving our industry, leading CP personnel, and serving as a role model for others in the industry.

Roman Rodriquez Flores

Roman Rodriquez Flores

Baytown, Texas, USA
Inspector at OMC International LLC

In the Houston area, 90% of workers in coating shops are Spanish speaking immigrants. Being able to further my education and possibly receive other certifications will open doors that I have not been able to open. I would also like to participate in leadership positions within AMPP with the Spanish speaking members in the United States.

Seyiwa Kope

Seyiwa Kope

Toronto, Canada
Graduate Research Assistant at University of Toronto

I've always been fascinated by methods of protecting and improving the corrosion resistance of materials. This opportunity, I believe, will assist me in that direction. It will also put me in a better position for professional advancement as I seek a career as a corrosion and coating specialist by taking courses in industrial coating application, coating inspection, and eventually becoming an AMPP coating inspector. 

2023 Winners

  • Adriana Castro Vargas

    Cambridge, United Kingdom
    PhD Scholar at the National Structural Integrity Research Centre - NSIRC

    Presenting my work progress at AMPP Annual Conference + Expo would allow me to receive feedback, learn from others, and exchange ideas with experts from academia and industry worldwide to obtain further insight into my research and contribute to understanding the corrosion behaviour of sacrificial coatings in marine environments.

  • Mathew Afolabi

    Lagos, Nigeria
    Corrosion Inspector at Blaqskye International

    I have observed that little to no attention is given to locals' or citizens' efforts to develop their human resources or their capacity. This has impeded the advancement of young professionals like myself and resulted in our underrepresentation and disenfranchisement in important and cutting-edge fields of knowledge. I am currently pursuing a career as a corrosion & coating inspector. This opportunity, in my opinion, will help me advance in that direction.

  • Bernardo Augusto Farah Santos

    São João del Rei, Brazil
    Corrosion Researcher at Center for Surface Engineering, Tribology, and Electrochemistry – CESTEq

    Doing research in a country like Brazil is not an easy task. Here, we need to work triple to accomplish the level of research that is being done worldwide. This grant will benefit my professional development by allowing me to stay among the best corrosion people during AMPP, being able to discuss my results and to improve my knowledge in corrosion.

  • Varda K T

    Kuttippuram, India
    Contract Project Associate at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Ltd.

    I believe this award would be a stepping stone in my life to enhance my skillsets in the field of corrosion and take me closer to my aim of enhancing Gender Diversity. I intend to strengthen my fundaments of Corrosion and prepare myself for a successful career in the Coating Industry.

  • Celestina Shedrack

    Kuje, Nigeria
    Contract ADIM Specialist at Sambaz Oil

    Looking back at twenty years of my life, at all the opportunities passed over because I had no certification and am a woman. The receipt of these funds will assist me in accessing qualitative certification that will further boost my chances of employability at a higher paid job.

  • Idongesit Nwachukwu

    Lagos, Nigeria
    Senior Metallurgical Engineer at Midwal Engineering Services, Ltd.

    There are few female engineers in Nigeria and the number in the metal corrosion and protection field are even fewer causing women to be underrepresented in the field. Being a recipient of the grant will give me the opportunity to become a member of AMPP as I will have access to career resources, especially in the corrosion industry.

2022 Winners

  • Lisseth Ocando

    Maracaibo, Venezuela
    Corrosion Coordinator/Professor at Integridad Técnica C.A./Zulia University

    In this upcoming year, I would like to update my knowledge in Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) and Pipeline Integrity Management. I have many projects in stand-by, regarding the influence of Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria in the Cathodic Protection and Polymeric Coatings of oil and gas pipelines.

  • Samuel Popoola

    Lago, Nigeria
    Metallurgical and Quality Engineer at Midwal Engineering Services Limited

    Undergo key courses and training programs in corrosion and corrosion prevention which will provide ample opportunity for a better entry level position. I have always been interested in the means of protecting and improving the performance of materials against corrosion. I believe this opportunity will be a boost for me in that direction.

  • Brittney Jefferson

    Mobile, AL, USA
    First Class Painter/Blaster at Huntington Ingalls Shipbuilding

    This grant will benefit my professional development by opening the door for me to take the CIP Level 1 and Level 2 courses.

  • Dr. Sarah Bill Ulaeto

    Calabar, Nigeria
    Senior Lecturer at Rhema University, Nigeria

    My career goals include training for more transferable skills, teaching from a vantage point of hands-on practical experiences, high-impact publications with probable knowledge transferrable results, and participation in high-impact conferences such as AMPP corrosion conference for knowledge sharing.

  • Dike Ejibe

    Port Harcourt, Nigeria
    Reliability Engineer (Fixed Equipment) at Nigitrade International Company Limited

    To progress my career as an in-house Materials Engineer requires some corrosion and coating related trainings and certifications which I can only obtain from AMPP through this grant. This can only be made possible by going through adequate and quality trainings, coupled with on-the-job experience and guidance from senior professionals / colleagues.

  • Dr. Bhavesh Dharmraj Gajbhiye

    Navi Mumbai, India

    I am looking forward for a good permanent position across industries (R & D Sector) preferably in Mumbai, India. Given an opportunity, with a background in Chemical Engineering & my research experience in Corrosion studies, I would like to pursue my career further in Coatings.