Concrete Coating Inspector (CCI) Level 1

CCI Level 1
How to get this certification
  1. Enroll and complete course requirements
  2. Take required exams
  3. Agree to AMPP terms of service

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Concrete Coating Inspector (CCI) Level 1

The objective of this program is to thoroughly train and certify individuals in the proper methods of inspecting surface preparation and installation of protective coatings on industrial concrete structures and facilities. 

Who should pursue and apply?

Although specifically designed for concrete coating inspector trainees, this program benefits anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of concrete coatings and inspection including:

  • Project managers, supervisors/foreman and engineers
  • Material and equipment supplier personnel
  • Maintenance and quality assurance/control (QA/QC) personnel
  • Transportation agency personnel
  • Contractors and specification writers
  • Coating manufacturers and technical sales representatives
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How to achieve certification  |  Course description

Concrete Coating Inspector Level 1 Course

Classroom instruction is comprised of lectures, group exercises, case studies and hands-on practical labs. Students will also participate in exercises designed to apply course concepts to the job site.

Course content

  • Navigating a coating specification
  • Simulated pre-job conference
  • Roles of quality assurance and quality control in concrete coating inspection projects
  • Operations safety
  • Recognizing surface irregularities caused by concrete placement, finishing, and curing
  • General inspection
  • Concrete coating inspection instrumentation review
  • Inspecting concrete surface preparation
  • Concrete moisture testing
  • Inspecting concrete coating application
  • Concrete inspection procedure development
  • Simulated concrete project inspection

Course format

The course includes lecture, hands-on workshops, quizzes, written homework, and assigned readings from the manual.

Days 1-3 of the program are devoted to classroom lecture about planning and providing third party quality assurance, job site inspection, operations safety, inspection of concrete surface preparation, and concrete moisture testing. Lectures are supplemented by quizzes and group exercises.

Day 4 will begin with inspection of coating application followed by a coating adhesion testing workshop. Then, students will begin the inspection plan development workshop. Following these workshops, students will take a hands-on practical exam on the use of inspection instruments.

Each participant will receive a comprehensive manual with copies of relevant standards. AMPP recommends that candidates take the classroom portion of this course before the course exam and certification exam.

Benefits of attending

After attending this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the common duties, responsibilities, and role of a concrete coating inspector
  • Define record keeping procedures relating to the job specification
  • Identify and explain how to use concrete coating inspection equipment
  • Identify and explain the inspection of concrete surface preparation
  • Explain how moisture negatively impacts a concrete substrate
  • Identify and explain concrete coating inspection methods during and after coating application
  • Prepare an inspection plan/procedure

Take the Course

How to achieve certification

  1. Enroll and complete course requirements

    Successful completion of Concrete Coating Inspector (CCI) Level 1 Course

    Successful completion of the Ethics for the Corrosion Professional course or an equivalent training

  2. Take required exams

    Certification Exam – Concrete Coating Inspector Level 1 Practical exam (administered in the classroom).

    Note: This exam is delivered as part of the Concrete Coating Inspector (CCI) Level 1 Course

    Certification Exam – Concrete Coating Inspector Level 1 Written/Theory exam

    Note: This exam is available on Computer Based Testing (CBT) at Pearson Virtual University Enterprises (VUE).

    AMPP offers exam preparation guides to help you prepare for your written exam.

    Written/Theory Exam Preparation Guide

  3. Agree to AMPP terms of service

    AMPP Terms of Service, Candidate Agreement, and Code of Professional Conduct are accessed through My Certification Portal

    Note: Prerequisite forms for this certification are no longer required.

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