Basics of Steel Surface Preparation eCourse

BSSP eCourse

Basics of Steel Surface Preparation eCourse

This 90-minute course presents at a high-level the surface preparation process for steel with an overview of hand and power-tool cleaning, dry abrasive blasting and waterjetting as well as the associated standards referenced when these methods are used to prepare steel for the application of protective coatings.

Who should attend

CIP participants seeking to expand their knowledge of bridge coating inspection. Other candidates for this course may include:

  • Anyone new to the coatings or inspection industries
  • Program/project managers and engineers
  • Quality assurance/control managers
  • Contractors and specification writers
  • Maintenance personnel or blasters
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Learning objectives

  • Explain the purpose, importance, and steps of the surface preparation process.
  • Summarize how contaminants, environmental conditions, surface defects and abrasive media affect surface preparation.
  • Identify the initial condition of the steel and level of cleanliness using written standards and visual guides.
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages along with the tools, and equipment associated with hand and power tool cleaning, dry abrasive blasting and waterjetting.

End of course exam


Course completion

Successful completion of the course is required to earn a certificate of course completion. Requirements are specific to each course and may include a combination of attendance, daily assessments, activities, quizzes, or knowledge checks.

Completion certification

Students will earn a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the eCourse.

Basics of Steel eCourse
90 minutes
2 Professional Development Hours (PDH)


There are no required prerequisites for this course.

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