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General Coatings Program

Through training courses specifically developed for coatings and linings application, NACE provides comprehensive training for individuals with varying levels of industry experience, from applicators and contractors to project managers and asset owners. Coursework ranges from fundamentals to industry-specific topics disseminated through classroom study, discussion, and hands-on fieldwork.

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Basics of Steel Surface Preparation eCourse

This 90 minute course presents at a high-level the surface preparation process for steel with an overview of hand and power-tool cleaning, dry abrasive blasting and waterjetting as well as the associated standards referenced when these methods are used to prepare steel for the application of protective coatings.

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Controlling Corrosion in the Amusement Park Industry

This 90-minute eCourse uses videos to present a range of topics that include the reasons why coatings are applied in the amusement park industry, the basics of corrosion, coating fundamentals, coating selection, conducting coating surveys, and maintenance painting best practices.

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Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is one of the most well-known phenomena and major problems in the process industries.

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Fundamentals of Protective Coatings (C1)

This course provides a practical and comprehensive overview for those who are new to the protective coatings industry.

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Marine Coating Technology

This course covers the fundamental issues that are specific to coatings in the marine industry.

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Math for the Coatings Professional eCourse

Choose between imperial and metric versions to brush up on critical math skills needed to succeed in the coatings industry.

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Nuclear Power Plant Training for Coating Inspectors

This course is designed specifically to train coating inspectors to conduct inspections in nuclear power plants (NPPs), and is also used as a primer to familiarize non CIP-certified personnel with NPP coating requirements.

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Offshore Corrosion Assessment Training (O-CAT)

This course addresses the elements of in-service inspection and maintenance planning for fixed offshore structures.

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Pipeline Coating Applicator (PCA) Training

The Pipeline Coating Applicator course covers the proper coating application procedures including understanding specifications, surface preparation, application techniques, dealing with changing ambient conditions, and quality control measures, for the most common coating materials to which contractors and inspectors are exposed to on pipeline projects.

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Protective Coating Specialist - Basic Principles (PCS 1)

The PCS 1 Basic Principles introduces both the theoretical and practical aspects of using coatings to control corrosion and the economic benefits of managing them. Common corrosion control coatings are def ined and when, how, and where they should be used.

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Protective Coating Specialist - Advanced (PCS 2)

The PCS 2 Advanced course provides advanced level technology topics related to protective coatings.

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Shipboard Corrosion Assessment Training (S-CAT)

The Shipboard Corrosion Assessment Training course provides a foundation of coatings, corrosion, and corrosion control knowledge for assessing the condition of tanks and other military ship structures, while determining the required actions necessary to effectively maintain fully operational status.

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Using SSPC-PA 2 Effectively

This 90-minute eCourse demonstrates how to complete the measurements described in the SSPC-PA 2 standard.

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