Thermal Spray Applicator Training (THERMAL APP)

Thermal App

Thermal Spray Applicator Training (THERMAL APP) Course

This course is designed to train and certify applicators in the application of thermal spray coatings to industrial substrates.

Who should attend

Contractors, project supervisors, or craftworkers involved in applying thermal spray technology should take this course.

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What this course covers

  • Unit 1 – Thermal Spray Process Overview
  • Unit 2 – Arc Spray Safety and Equipment Components (or Flame Spray)
  • Unit 3 – Overview of SSPC CS-23/AWS C2.23M/NACE No.12
  • Unit 4 – Surface Preparation Requirements
  • Unit 5 – Operating Parameters and Quality Control

Benefits of attending

After attending this course you will be able to:

  • Describe thermal spray coating (TSC) and its application and uses
  • Recognize the three types of arc spray equipment and describe their components and the safety considerations required during operation
  • Recognize the key items covered by SSPC CS-23/AWS C2.23M/ NACE No.12 Specification for Application of Thermal Spray Coatings (Metallizing) of Aluminum, Zinc and their Alloys, and Composites for the Corrosion Protection of Steel

Course format

Classroom Session
The classroom session consists of an 8-hour lecture and is supplemented by workshops in which students use SSPC CS-23/AWS C2.23M/NACE No. 12, measure compressed air cleanliness, abrasive cleanliness, soluble salts, profile height, ambient conditions, and dry film thickness and complete a bend test.

Written Exam
The written exam consists of 25, multiple-choice questions. To receive a certificate and CEUs, you must attend all 8 hours of the course and attain a 70% or better score on the written exam.

What is the next step?

Once you have taken and passed the Thermal Spray Applicator written exam you can move onto the Thermal Spray Applicator hands-on exam. 

To register for the Thermal Spray Applicator Certification Exam contact Sara Badami.

Hands-On Assessment
Candidates wishing to become certified will take a hands-on assessment. The hands-on assessment requires each candidate to spray coatings on a steel test panel constructed in accordance with ASTM D4228 and to meet the coating manufacturer’s product data sheet (PDS) requirements. The hands-on assessment includes performing thermal spray coating and a bend test/bond test/shape test of the specimens that the attendee has coated. Candidates must wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) during the hands-on assessment and must be able to answer questions about troubleshooting if things go wrong with the spray pump operation. Those who successfully complete the certification program will receive a certificate and wallet identification card from AMPP. Candidates wishing to achieve the certification must pass the written exam with a score of 70% and the hands-on assessment with a score of 90%.

1 Day Course
0.8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)


Thermal Spray Applicator Prerequisite Form


Thermal Spray Applicator (THERMAL APP)