Find a Certified Professional

Credential & Training Search

Our Credential Registry can assist you with finding and/or validating a certified corrosion professional for all your corrosion mitigation and protective coating needs. 

Alternatively, you can verify training completion for our C3, C5, CAS Level 1 or ICA Training programs.


Three types of searches can be performed

Certification holder search

Find a credential holder by inputting a certification program and country you are searching. Adding a specific city is optional.

Verify a certification holder

Verify a known credential holder by entering their certification number and/or their first and last name.

Confirm training program completion

For programs like C3, C5, CAS Level 1 or ICA, you will be required to input, at a minimum, a country to search our records.

If performing multiple searches, please refresh the page between searches.

Search tip: For best results, search by first and last name. When searching for a specific certification number please include the letter prefix, where applicable, i.e. N 1234).

Note: The following training programs (C3, C5, CAS Level 1, and ICA Training Program) are included in this search tool for the convenience of our users. These programs are not considered AMPP credentials.

Search results for AMPP credential holders reflect candidates who are considered current/active and have opted to display their credentials in the registry.

To verify previously held credentials not listed in the registry, or to verify an individual who may have opted out of having their information displayed in the credential search, contact for assistance.

Please note that Internet Explore (IE) is not supported, and Chrome is recommended for use of this tool.