Abrasive Blaster Certification (C7)

Abrasive Blaster Certification (C7)
How to get this certification
  1. Enroll in the C7 course
  2. Complete prerequisite forms
  3. Take in-course exams

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Abrasive Blaster Certification (C7)

C7 is designed for contractor personnel who wish to obtain certification, or others who wish to learn about blast cleaning of steel and nonferrous surfaces. It covers principles of surface preparation, surface cleanliness, surface profile, dust and debris control, and abrasives.

Who should pursue and attend?

  • Painting contractors
  • Paint applicators and blasters
  • Facility owners
  • Contractor personnel who wish to obtain certification
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Why attend - benefits of attending

After attending this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the basic principles of surface preparation
  • Identify proper blast cleaning equipment setup and abrasives used
  • Demonstrate proper blast cleaning technique to achieve certification

What this course covers

  • Principles of surface preparation
  • Nozzle abrasive blast cleaning systems (with hands-on session)
  • Wet abrasive blast cleaning systems (with hands-on session)
  • Abrasives
  • Portable centrifugal (wheel) abrasive blast cleaning systems (with hands-on session)
  • Abrasive blast cleaning nonferrous substrates
  • Course format/notes

How to achieve certification

  1. Enroll in the C7 course

    Register for an Abrasive Blaster Certification (C7) Course offering

    Note: Registering for this course includes the written and practical certification exams

  2. Ensure all prerequisite forms are filled out and returned to AMPP

    C7 Prerequisite Form

  3. Complete in-course exams

Start Your Journey


The following items must be submitted no later than two weeks before the scheduled course: C7 Prerequisite Form.

Each student must also obtain written confirmation from his or her employer's human resource manager that the student has completed a minimum of 800 documented hours of abrasive blasting experience in an industrial or marine environment prior to qualifying for the C7 Certification.

Please Note: In order to be eligible for C7 Certification Program, the pre-requisite form must be completed and signed by your HR Manager and given to AMPP two weeks prior to the course start date. Failure to fill out the form truthfully, or any instance of providing inaccurate information, will result in immediate denial or revocation of the C7 Certification. Failure to cooperate with the program instructors, or properly prepare for the hands-on Certification session, will also be grounds for denial of certification.

3 Day Course
5 Year Certification Term
1.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)



C7 Prerequisite Form


Industrial Coating Application eCourse (ICA)

Math for the Coatings Professional eCourse


Abrasive Blasting Certification (C7)

Course format/notes

The course starts with a classroom overview of fundamentals in preparation for the written exam, which is then followed by a thorough review and walk-through of abrasive blasting and portable centrifugal blasting equipment setup and operation. Once the written exam is completed, a tailgate safety meeting is conducted to review safe gun operating procedures, including troubleshooting and signals, before the hands-on session takes place.

Following the equipment review, the instructors will observe each student as they describe setup procedures and demonstrate their blasting skills. This format provides candidates with prior blasting experience an opportunity to achieve blaster certification. This program is not intended for inexperienced blasters. Each candidate will receive a comprehensive manual that includes copies of useful handouts and industry blast cleaning standards. Those who successfully complete the blaster certification program will receive a certificate and wallet identification card from AMPP.

The written, multiple-choice exam is worth a maximum of 100 points. The hands-on evaluation is also worth a maximum of 100 points.

Candidates wishing to achieve the C7 Certification and CEUs must attend all 16 hours of the course and pass the written exam with a score of 70% and the hands-on exam with a score of 90%.

Note: Students who do not want to receive the C7 Certification can receive a certificate of attendance by attending the lecture portion of the training and observing the blaster demonstration.