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Virtual and online course options

Learning options that foster knowledge and career growth, online. Our instructional designers teamed up with industry experts to create engaging, interactive online courses with features such as real-world case studies, mentor stories, quizzes, and downloadable checklists for on-the-job reference.

Our virtual courses reduce your travel expenses by offering the same technical content and identical reference material and coursework as our traditional in-person classroom courses through a completely online platform.

Virtual and online course

Basic Corrosion Course

18 hours • 18 PDHs

Learn the basics of corrosion with our most popular online course. This course covers a basic but thorough review of causes of corrosion and the methods by which corrosion is identified, monitored, and controlled.

Course Description

Basics of Steel Surface Preparation eCourse

2 hours • 2 PDHs

This 90 minute course presents at a high-level the surface preparation process for steel with an overview of hand and power-tool cleaning, dry abrasive blasting and waterjetting as well as the associated standards referenced when these methods are used to prepare steel for the application of protective coatings.

Course Description

Cathodic Protection Fundamentals: Math & Electricity

5 hours • 4 PDHs

This course provides a thorough review of basic math, chemistry, and electrical fundamentals through step-by-step examples, self-study practice problems, and downloadable job-aids.

Course Description

Cathodic Protection Virtual Training Simulator

This 12-station virtual training simulator allows students to refresh their CP skills, keep up with current practical techniques, and prepare for their CP classes and exams by working through step-by-step, real life testing scenarios.

Course Description

Coating Inspector Program Bridge

8 hours • 8 PDHs

In the CIP Bridge eCourse, get specialized training related to coating inspection of bridges. The course focuses on how to inspect surface preparation and coating application of bridges, as well as the role of the inspector in the quality control process.

Course Description

Controlling Corrosion in the Amusement Park Industry

1.5 hours • 2 PDHs

Proper inspection protocols are an important part of the solution for meeting stringent safety standards and controlling corrosion in the amusement park industry.

Course Description

Corrosion Prevention & Control (CPC) Management

2 hours • 2 PDHs

CPC planning is the most efficient method for effectively addressing and reducing the impact of corrosion at every stage of a product or facility’s lifecycle. This eCourse walks through the NACE SP21412-2016/SSPC-CPC 1 standard, diving into the key aspects of CPC planning for products and facilities.

Course Description

Ethics for the Corrosion Professional

1.5 hours • 2 PDHs

The corrosion profession, and the certified professionals who work in the industry, are committed to protecting people, assets and the environment from the effects of corrosion. Those tasked with delivering the technical expertise to society must conduct their work with the knowledge and understanding of the ethical principles expected and required of those professionals.

Course Description

Math for the Coatings Professional

6 hours • 6 PDHs

Brush up on critical math skills needed to succeed in the coatings industry. By understanding essential functions and calculations, you'll be better able to do quick math in your head and perform tasks more accurately. The course is available in both imperial and metric versions.

Course Description

Power Industry Corrosion Concepts

5 hours • 5 PDHs

This eCourse provides a high-level overview of the financial, economic, and physical effects of corrosion in the power industry and the importance, need, and benefits of integrating corrosion control practices into utilities’ overall asset management plan.

Course Description

Using SSPC-PA 2 Effectively (PA 2)

2 PDHs

This 90-minute eCourse demonstrates how to complete the measurements described in the SSPC-PA 2 standard.

Course Description

Fundamentals of Protective Coatings (C1)

5 days

This course provides a practical and comprehensive overview for those who are new to the protective coatings industry.

Course Description

Fireproofing Inspector eCourse (FIRE INSP)

8 hours

The Fireproofing Inspector eCourse is an online course that creates an increased awareness of fireproofing and proper inspection of applied protective coatings.

Course Description

Pipeline Coating Inspector eCourse (PIPE INSP)

16 hours

This training course looks at the corrosion protection of steel pipelines with the use of protective coatings and cathodic protection and the duties and responsibilities of the pipeline coatings inspector.

Course Description

Navigating NAVSEA Standard Item 009-32 eCourse (009-32)

16 week semester

Taking this class will supply you with a better understanding of NAVSEA, Navy specified requirements, and system application criteria in order to produce a quality product.

Course Description

Concrete Coating Basics eCourse (CCB)

8 hours | 8 PDHs

From applicator to engineer, Concrete Coating Basics is designed to provide a strong and necessary foundation for all individuals in the concrete coating industry.

Course Description

Industrial Coating Safety Management Training eCourse (SAFETY)

5 hours | 5 PDHs

Discover new ways to engage employees while managing safety, health programs, and the overall risk of industrial painting operation environments.

Course Description

Quality Control Supervisor eCourse (QCS)

10 hours | 10 PDHs

Learn how a program is developed, procedures and processes are implemented, all with the goal of achieving or maintaining your certifications.

Course Description

Planning and Specifying Industrial Coatings Projects (C2)

5 day course

This course is designed to provide those who understand coating fundamentals with an overview of the principles of planning, awarding, and monitoring the quality of new construction or maintenance painting projects.

Course Description

CIP Level 1 Blended Program

5 CEUs

NACE is now delivering a virtual alternative to CIP Level 1 that students can take from anywhere. Learn the theory of coating inspection virtually with lecture and demonstrations; and then complete your coursework by getting hands-on experience through real-world labs and exercises, in a face-to-face classroom setting. Courses are led by the same trusted CIP Certified NACE instructors, only virtually.

Course Description

CIP Level 2 Blended Program

5 CEUs

NACE is now delivering a virtual alternative to CIP Level 2 that students can take from anywhere. Learn the theory of coating inspection virtually with lecture and demonstrations; and then complete your coursework by getting hands-on experience through real-world case studies and group exercises, in a face-to-face classroom setting. Courses are led by the same trusted CIP certified NACE instructors, only virtually.

Course Description

Cathodic Protection 3 - Technologist (CP3)

4.5 CEUs

Get the same in-person CP3-Cathodic Protection Technologist course – only Virtually! The CP3 course builds on the technology presented in the CP2 course with a strong focus on interpretation of CP data, trouble shooting, and migration of problems that arise in both galvanic and impressed current systems, including design calculations for these systems.

Course Description

Cathodic Protection 4 - Specialist (CP4)

5 CEUs

Get the same in-person CP4-Cathodic Protection Specialist course – only Virtually! This course focuses on the principles and procedures for CP design on a variety of structures for both galvanic and impressed current systems.

Course Description

Corrosion Control in the Refining Industry

30 PDHs

Get the same in-person Corrosion Control in the Refining Industry course – only virtually! The NACE coursework covers the effects of corrosion on the production environment and addresses methods to implement corrosion control throughout the full lifecycle, from material selection and design to maintenance.

Course Description

Internal Corrosion for Pipelines - Level 2

3.4 CEUs

Get the same in-person Internal Corrosion for Pipelines - Level 2 course – only virtually! This course focuses on the monitoring techniques and mitigation strategies required to assess internal corrosion and develop and manage internal corrosion control programs.

Course Description

IMPACT PLUS – Strategy for Corrosion Management

2 PDHs

Learn about the NACE Institute’s IMPACT PLUS program that provides a standardized CMS framework designed to be easily tailored to any industry sector. Incorporating a CMS gives organizations the tools to create consistent processes and operating procedures so employees from the top down can respond holistically and effectively when faced with corrosion-related incidents.

Course Description

Marine Coating Technology

This course covers the fundamental issues that are specific to coatings in the marine industry. After a description of the most common types of ships, the course describes the corrosion types affecting the ships’ areas, the types of coatings and linings that are effective in the marine environment, the shipbuilding process, the surface preparation, application and inspection techniques, the IMO PSPC for Ballast Tanks, Cargo Tanks and Voids, as well as in service survey and inspection, inspection records and procedures.

Course Description

IMPACT PLUS Navigator Training

Building on what attendees learned about Corrosion Management Strategy (CMS) during the introductory course, IMPACT PLUS: Navigator Training challenges students to move from understanding a CMS to hone their consultancy and guidance skills on how exactly to implement a CMS into an existing business model.

Course Description

Industrial Coating Application (ICA) Program

A comprehensive training program based on the NACE No. 13/SSPC-ACS-1 standard that sets the criteria for a qualified workforce that can meet contractors' and facility owners' need for consistent, quality work completed accurately, safely, and at a reasonable cost.

Course Description

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