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The Bridge Technical Community of Interest is a group of professionals (both AMPP members and nonmembers) that will include, owners, manufacturers, consultants, contractors and others who have come together to share and discuss issues affecting the bridge industry and new and emerging technology. Through the shared knowledge of this diverse group, both geographically and from varying viewpoints, information can be discussed about current issues for both the design phase and construction phase. This can include the selection of containment to surface preparation and materials, abrasives, coatings, solvents, etc. during the design phase and issues during the actual construction phase with the contractor’s submittals, means and methods. The sharing of knowledge on how to deal with structural issues that could be detrimental to the life of the newly applied system can be discussed along with new and emerging technologies and how they can be incorporated into bridge coatings to streamline those processes and possibly lower the overall costs.

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