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NACE Career Development: Without comparison

NACE students and instructors will attest that nothing compares to how NACE Career Development has shaped their professional lives. From the course content, certification requirements, and qualified instructors, to the lifelong networking opportunities and the career paths NACE programs help define, choosing NACE Career Development means you've joined an elite group that has earned their certifications and has marketable and applicable job skills and knowledge.

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CIP level 1 member profiles

Cay Strother

Cay Strother, PMP, PE

Denver, Colorado, USA

NACE CIP Level 1, CP2, Corrosion Technician, and Corrosion Technologist Certified, Corrosion Control Section Supervisor at Kleinfelder

"Getting my certifications has helped me advance my career, meet a lot of interesting people, and network with people around the nation who I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to meet. I’ve met some really great people, some really smart people, and I appreciate the opportunity to get to know them better through NACE."

Jude Blevins

Jude Blevins

Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA

NACE CIP Level 1 Certified, Quality Control Tech at High Steel Structures

"Having NACE training has put me in a better position to advance from under the hood to inspection. I chose NACE because of the reputation in the industry as being the most recognized in corrosion control solutions and NACE’s ethics policy."

Omar Fanoush

Omar Fanoush

Benghazi, Libya

NACE CIP Level 1 and 2 Student, Corrosion Supervisor at Wintershall - Libya

"I heard about NACE from my previous line supervisor. I consider NACE to be my career organizer."

Prabath Gunasekara

Prabath Gunasekara

Colombo, Sri Lanka

NACE CIP Level 1 Certified, Quality Assurance Manager at LTL Galvanizers (Pvt) Ltd.

"We do hot dip galvanizing and metallizing. Until I took the NACE course, I was not in good standard on correct test methods, equipment, defect analysis, and correct inspection methods. After NACE training, I am totally aware of using equipment [for paint coating measurement over metallized articles] during coating application. Now I can identify coating defects correctly."