Bridge Coating Inspector (BCI) Level 2

BCI Level 2
6 Day Course
4 Year Certification Term

Bridge Coating Inspector (BCI) Level 2

The BCI Level 2 Exam course covers the fundamentals of how to inspect surface preparation and application of protective coatings on bridge steel. These fundamentals are applicable to those who inspect coating work both in the shop and in the field. To take the BCI Level 2 Exam, you must attend the BCI Level 1 Course and Exam.

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How to achieve certification

  1. Enroll and complete course requirements

    Register for a Bridge Coating Inspector (BCI) Level 2 Course offering

    Note: This 1-day exam includes the Level 2 Essay Exam and Inspection Plan Exam.

  2. Ensure all prerequisite forms are filled out and returned to AMPP

    BCI Level 2 Prerequisite Form

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Who should attend

Transportation agency coating inspectors, consulting engineer coating inspectors, fabrication shop coating inspectors, contractor coating inspectors, those who want to become bridge coatings inspectors, material and equipment supplier technical representatives, program and project managers, resident engineers, and others who wish to learn more about the craft of the bridge coatings inspector.

Course content

  • Unit 1 – Roles and Responsibilities
  • Unit 2 – Terminology and Methods
  • Unit 3 – Safety
  • Unit 4 – Jobsite Layout
  • Unit 5 – Containment
  • Unit 6 – Surface Preparation
  • Unit 7 – Coating Types and Characteristics
  • Unit 8 – Coating Handling and Application
  • Unit 9 – Coating Inspection and Defects
  • Unit 10 – Preparation Before Beginning Work

Course format

To become a BCI Level 2 Inspector and receive your CEUs, you must pass the written certification and inspection training exam with an 80% and attend all 40 hours of the course.

Additional information

State Accreditation Specs
Connecticut Consulting Engineer personnel performing the inspection of bridge painting projects must be either NACE or SSPC - Bridge Coating Inspector (BCI) certified in accordance with the requirements of Section 2.3 – Qualifications, of the CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND INSPECTION INFORMATION PAMPHLET FOR CONSULTING ENGINEERS CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION.

Florida FLDOT CHAPTER 8 - STRUCTURES TRAINING AND QUALIFICATION PROGRAM. 8.8.2 Bridge Coating Inspector Training Course FLDOT - Lead coating inspectors must successfully complete the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) course entitled "Bridge Coating Inspection" which is designated as SSPC course "BCI". This is a four (5) day course and includes an examination that must be passed in order for SSPC to issue a successful completion certificate.

Kentucky KYDOT accepts the BCI Level 1 Course.

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