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Unparalleled Fireproofing Protection

Carboline's complete line of commercial and industrial fireproofing products offers a level of unparalleled performance in several markets. We can meet any project specification with various types of intumescent and cementitious technologies designed for industrial or architectural applications. Our fireproofing products have been rigorously tested and have a proven track record of performance when subjected to the harshest environmental conditions and the extreme heat of fire exposure. For more information, visit



Owens Corning

Trusted on a variety of applications, FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation systems offer long-term performance and protection. FOAMGLAS® insulation is non-absorbent, non-combustible, impermeable to moisture, and does not generate toxic smoke.  The material is lightweight, inorganic and has a wide service temperature range of -248°C to 482°C (450°F to 900°F).  When used for passive fire protection, the insulation can help protect piping and equipment, slow fire spread, reduce heat input, and extend the time involved to reach critical temperatures. For more information, visit




PPG PITT-CHAR NX is our trusted flexible epoxy intumescent Passive Fire Protection (PFP) coating system designed to resist severe hazards such as cryogenic spills, hydrocarbon pool fires, jet fires and explosions. It is resilient to both onshore and offshore environments.

Thin and lightweight, the system allows significantly faster application.

Flexible, PITT-CHAR NX eliminates the risk of cracking and delamination during fabrication, transportation and construction.

Tough and dependable performance against weathering with outstanding corrosion protection throughout the asset’s lifetime.

Verified by UL, PITT-CHAR NX has been proven to be extremely tough – with the product passing double exposure conditions for UL2431, the latest internationally recognized durability test standard as part of UL1709 Edition 5 certification.

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Reliability and precision for more than 70 years

Under the highest quality standards, WIWA manufactures equipment and systems for the most diverse requirements. WIWA specializes in hand made to the customer spec equipment. WIWA technology proves itself in decorative and protective surface coating, specifically in the plural and passive fire protection market.

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JT Thorpe

J.T. Thorpe & Son, Inc.’s (JT THORPE) mission is to be North America's leading specialty contractor; creating long-term value to clients through our high standards of safety, engineering, quality, professionalism and customer service.

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The Chartek name has an unequalled track record in protecting oil and gas installations against explosion, hydrocarbon pool and jet fires. Our range of epoxy PFP products provides premium quality fire protection to areas as diverse as pipe racks, vessels, spheres and even GRP pipes typically found on a range of oil, gas and chemical processing assets.

Chartek products have provided anti-corrosive and aesthetic fire protection for steel structures in markets including infrastructure, power, oil and gas, chemical, mining and bridges, in environments as diverse as the North Sea, the Tropics and Antarctica.

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Need equipment that stays up and running to protect your profit? HyFlex has you covered! Our fireproofing pumps and mixers are reliable and powerful, and have been field-proven for over 50 years. In addition, we continue to innovate based on the industry’s specific needs to keep you pumping, mixing, and spraying efficiently on your projects of all sizes, and our tech team will be with you every step of the way. See our equipment in action at the FireCORR demo!