Workforce Development Military Veterans: Mentoring Volunteer

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Signup Deadline: 11-01-2022
Starts: 11-14-2022
Ends: 12-31-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


Inspiring the next generation of corrosion and protective coatings professionals

AMPP’s Workforce Development (WFD) Military Veterans Mentoring Program has been established to assist veterans in achieving a smooth transition into the workforce through proper guidance with AMPP training courses. The mentoring program relies on volunteers who will commit to counseling, supporting, and following the career path of our selected veterans.  From inception to the program to the completion of their AMPP training, our mentors should also work with AMPP staff to provide resources that will assist the program candidates in finding job placement upon that completion. By becoming part of a group that supports our troops, the mentor can help veterans transitioning into civilian life take a place in their community and our corrosion control and protective coatings field.  Proper training and education can help reduce the unemployment rate that veterans face. 

*Applying as a volunteer requires you to have your free account set up. Setting up your account is easy and only takes 3 quick steps! 


  • A Helper
    • A resource: provide a base of experience on knowledge of the industry and career related lessons
    • Someone who cares: give time, energy, and support
    • A facilitator: provide a network to other corrosion professionals
  • A Colleague
    • An advocate: speak out for the veteran, the profession and the professional
    • A celebrant: share the achievement of the successful completion of training and build professional self esteem
    • A confidante; establish and maintain the mutual trust, confidentiality, and regard necessary professional growth
  • A Model
    • A facilitator: promote and enable an educated/trained corrosion professional and network to aid gainful employment
    • A visionary: make a positive contribution with a belief in workforce development and the support of our troops by observing, discussing, giving, and seeking feedback
  • A Situational Leader
    • A motivator: challenge, encourage and promote the discovery of undeveloped potential
    • A leader: who is self-directed and worth following being flexible willing and able to adapt mentoring responses to be more effective
    • A role model: consistent demonstrator of integrity and high professional behavior  
  • Supervisory experience preferred
  • Share industry knowledge/expertise and offer advice on career paths
  • Adhere to all program procedures and responsibilities which will be provided to you if you are selected and assigned to a Veteran.
  • Provide periodic updates to AMPP team (feel free to share photos!)
  • Encourage them to join the AMPP U.S. Military, Government Civilian & Veteran Community of Interest and engage and network.
  • Communicate regularly with the veteran to monitor progress
  • Arrange other experiences, when possible, such as:
    • Job site visits/observation
    • Attendance at appropriate AMPP Chapter meetings and/or conferences
    • Suggestions for networking with other professional organizations/associations
  • Work with the veteran to develop interpersonal and communication skills
    • Offer tips and suggestions for resume writing and interviewing


  • An opportunity to support our troops and give back to your community
  • An opportunity to help develop a new generation of corrosion professionals that will continue to mitigate the world’s corrosion epidemic
  • Any personal expenses incurred by your mentorship will be tax deductible where allowed by law in the United States

 COMMITMENT: The time commitment to mentor a Veteran will be about 1-year from the time you are assigned to and introduced to a Veteran who has been selected to participate in the program.  Generally, participants in the WFD Program have 6-months to complete the first round of AMPP courses and to be scheduled for their certification course. Due to scheduling and in-person course availability, the certification round of their participation could take another 6-months to complete.    

Volunteers Needed:

5 (5 open slots)




Christine Lajzo