Standards Program Committee- Volunteer Call 2023-2026

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Signup Deadline: 01-25-2023
Starts: 07-01-2023
Ends: 06-30-2026
Location: Online Opportunity


Program Committees: The purpose of each Program Committee is to provide strategic oversight of, and direction to, the assigned programmatic area. In furtherance of this purpose, they:

  • Provide strategic oversight and direction for the products, programs, and services
  • Provide recommendations to the Board of Directors on future initiatives, strategies, and proposed investments
  • Receive input and guidance from the AMPP Global Center Board of Directors about key gaps, desired areas of focus, industry needs and overarching AMPP direction
  • Surface issues that require Board / Executive Staff consideration and action.
*Applying as a volunteer requires you to have your free account set up. Setting up your account is easy and only takes 3 quick steps! 

The Standards Committee provides strategic direction to the AMPP standards program, including:

  • ensuring effective and efficient development of standards and procedural quality
  • maintaining a robust new business development plan
  • developing recommendations for improving the AMPP Standards Program

In addition to the general program committee qualifications listed below, Standards Program Committee candidates should:

  • understand how standards are used in the design, manufacture, test, inspection, maintenance, and certification of products and processes, including the roles that industry, owners, government, and regulatory agencies play
  • understand standards development processes (both by voluntary consensus bodies and in-house company programs)
  • demonstrate broad technical understanding, including emerging trends and technologies
  • possess program management skills, including the ability to set metrics to drive desired behaviors
  • have knowledge of or relationships with priority industry sectors for AMPP growth

  • General understanding of AMPP’s governing documents and organizational structure.
  • Leadership skills, such as, the ability to achieve consensus, team building and facilitation, and the ability to set achievable strategies and goals.
  • Ability to think and act strategically.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Reflect the global nature of the organization.


  • If selected, must sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). 
  • If selected, must serve one program committee per term. Overlap of your service term on two or more committees concomitantly is not permitted.

Volunteers Needed:

4 (4 open slots)




Brad Wilder
AMPP Standards & Technical Activities