Corrosion Reference Library

Corrosion reference library

Corrosion reference library

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Corrosion basics

Material Performance magazine is the largest circulation magazine dedicated to corrosion prevention and control. Its online counterpart,, features a dedicated section on the fundamentals of corrosion with quick-read articles covering a wide range of basic topics such as:

  • Corrosive atmospheres
  • What leads to stress corrosion cracking
  • High-temperature corrosion
  • The most fundamental corrosion survey
  • Coating concrete; and reinforced concrete damage
  • Inhibitors for waters of low salt concentrations
  • The effect of coatings on corrosion and cathodic protection

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Course: Basic Corrosion - In-Person, Virtual, or e-Course
Offered by AMPP, this course provides a basic but thorough review of causes of corrosion and the methods by which corrosion is identified, monitored, and controlled. Active participation is encouraged through hands-on experiments, case studies, and open discussion format. Appropriate for technicians, salespersons, inspectors, managers, and engineers.


Corrosion Terminology

From “antifouling” and “active-passive cell” to “yield strength” and “zeta potential,” corrosion terms and their definitions can be found here.

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AMPP Acronyms

Like abbreviations, acronyms are created to shorten long phrases and speed communication. Their use, especially in scientific communities, has grown in recent years. The merger of NACE International and SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings, has seen coatings, corrosion, and materials science acronyms increase as well making this a helpful glossary.

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Studies: Financial Effects of Corrosion; Strategies to Minimize Impact

Cost of Corrosion

The Cost of Corrosion

This 2002 federal study continues to be an important industry template on the costs and control of corrosion in the United States.

IMPACT Global Corrosion Study

IMPACT Global Corrosion Study

While detailing global corrosion assessment, this study breaks new ground by by examining the role of corrosion management in industry/government. It also establishes best practices and allows organizations to benchmark their practices against others worldwide; provides tools for creating a framework for corrosion management; and shows how companies can optimize the safety and lifetime of critical assets.

IMPACT Canada Corrosion Study

IMPACT Canada Corrosion Study

This study highlights the tremendous costs associated with Canada’s aging infrastructure and provides insights into how those costs could be lessened with a strategic view of managing corrosion’s effects through the entire asset lifecycle and utilizing readily available mitigation practices.

Corrosion research

Corrosion research

Articles on metal corrosion, corrosion mechanisms, predictors, cracking, passivation, and CO2 corrosion authored by the world’s top researchers make CORROSION journal a top destination for the latest in corrosion research. Each monthly issue features select, open access articles.

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The Future of Corrosion Control

The Future of Corrosion Control, Special Report

Coatings are currently the first and best defense against the costly effects of corrosion. What will the go-to in asset protection be tomorrow? A roundtable of industry experts shares predictions on where the corrosion industry is headed in this two-part series adapted from NACE International’s special 75th anniversary publication.

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This site focuses on delivering curated content from AMPP’s respected media, Materials Performance and CoatingsPro Magazine, to educate, provide insight, and offer answers to leading questions on coatings, corrosion control, and asset protection. (NACE International and SSPC have combined to form AMPP, The Association for Materials Protection and Performance.)

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Corrosion and Coatings Press

A weekly newsletter featuring corrosion and coatings highlights from all over the world.

Corrosion Technical Standards

Standards help set the criteria for corrosion control and mitigation best practices. This quarterly newsletter keeps industry professionals current with new standards and technical guides being developed as well as the work of the 300 AMPP committees that are collaboratively producing some of the world’s leading technical documents on corrosion. (NACE International and SSPC have combined to form AMPP, The Association for Materials Protection and Performance.)

Corrosion resources by industry

Key corrosion prevention and mitigation methods

Go deeper into the various facets of corrosion control by exploring the content gathered specific to these methods.