Internal Corrosion Specialist Certification

Corrosion Specialist Certification
How to get this certification

This certification is currently not open to new candidates.

Internal Corrosion Specialist Certification

Professionals seeking the Internal Corrosion Specialist certification should possess the skills and knowledge to successfully design, implement, evaluate and manage an internal corrosion integrity management program, regardless of industry.

Candidates should possess the following skill and knowledge:

  • Possess the skills and knowledge to perform the tasks of individuals certified at the Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist level
  • Have a thorough understanding of electrochemical and corrosion principles, field testing, laboratory analysis, monitoring techniques, mitigation strategies, and inspection methods
  • Capable of designing and implementing an internal corrosion integrity management program that complies with applicable regulations and standards for various industries but with emphasis on oil and gas
  • Capable of evaluating and managing maintenance and monitoring plans specific to the environment in which they are working (eg pipeline, cooling water systems, potable water systems, water treatment plants, processing plants and steam boilers) and determining standard operating procedures for maintenance and monitoring internal corrosion.

Internal Corrosion Specialist certification requirements

  1. Work experience and education requirements

    Senior Internal Corrosion Technologist Certification 


    8 years verifiable internal corrosion in pipeline environment work experience


    PE, P Engineer or EIT equivalent


    Bachelors degree in one of the following disciplines:

    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Microbiology 
    • Chemical Engineering 
    • Metallurgical Engineering
  2. Certification, course, and application requirements

    Approved Internal Corrosion Specialist Application

    Successful completion of the Ethics for the Corrosion Professional course or an equivalent training

  3. Core exam requirements

    Certification Exam – Internal Corrosion Specialist Exam (not accepting new candidates)