Technical Program

The AMPP Technical Program

The AMPP Technical Program Committee (TPC) provides many avenues for both members and nonmembers to participate with the association. Through our interconnected committee structure, we provide a home for all material performance and protection industry representatives to enhance technical understanding of various subject matters. Using our community software or by way of in-person or virtual meetings, the AMPP TPC provides technical subject matter experts from all over the world with a platform to discuss current issues, new and emerging technologies, and etc.

How to get involved

The AMPP Technical Program Committee has an interconnected committee structure comprised of two different types of committees:

Technical Committees (TC)

Technical Committees (TC) are committees who report directly to the AMPP Technical Program Committee and are responsible for overseeing various Technical Communities of Interest of various subject matters. These committees will be responsible for approving and disbanding current and future Technical Communities of Interest (TCI’s), appointing leadership positions, and identifying gaps within their respective subject matter for the organization to act on.

Technical Committee (TC) chairs are selected by the AMPP Technical Program Committee (TPC) for a 2-year term. Once the chairs are selected, they can select up to 14 additional voting members maximum (15 total voting members including chair) for their committee per the AMPP Global Center Charter. In addition to selecting their members, they will also determine the term limits for each member of their committee.

Technical Communities of Interest (TCI)

A TCI is a group of people who share a common technical interest.

As a member of a TCI you can participate in:

  • Discussion at-will on the selected topic via our online community platform
  • Presentation of information by members and non-members
  • Connection via meetings hosted on a collaboration platform, via teleconferences or at conferences (either regional or global events).
  • Unlimited membership. Any AMPP member or nonmember can join a TCI.

View the current list of AMPP’s active Technical Communities of Interest.

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There are 11 total Technical Committees (TC) that oversee multiple Technical Communities of Interest (TCI's) which include: