NACE International Announces Members of New Standards Board


Houston, Texas – February 3, 2020 – The NACE International Board of Directors announces the  unanimously approved slate of members of the new NACE Standards Board. The Standards Board is authorized to provide oversight and management of NACE International’s standards and its chair holds a voting seat on the NACE International board. 

“The members of the new NACE International Standards Board come from a decidedly global arena with four of our ten members hailing from countries outside North America,” said Interim Standards Board Chair, Cris Conner. “This is a big step toward our goal of ensuring that NACE International is truly representative of the worldwide corrosion community.”


The Standards Board members approved by the NACE International board are:

First row starting on the left: Tim Bieri, Samir Degan, Klefa Esaklul, Steve Biagiotti, Nurul Mohamed  Second row starting on the left: David Barnes, Roy Fultineer, Chris Conner, Hank Kleinfelder, Robert Herron Not pictured: Elise Owen
First row starting on the left: Tim Bieri, Samir Degan, Khlefa Esaklul, Steve Biagiotti, Nurul Mohamed 
Second row starting on the left: David Barnes, Roy Fultineer, Cris Conner, Hank Kleinfelder, Robert Herron
Not pictured: Elise Owen


  • David Barnes                               Elcometer                        Manchester, England
  • Steve Biagiotti                             DynamicRisk                    Denver, Colorado
  • Tim Bieri                                      BP                                    Houston, Texas
  • Cris Conner (Interim Chair)         USM                                 Louis, Missouri            
  • Samir Degan                               Osnar Paints                    Mumbai, India
  • Khlefa Esaklul                             Oxychem                          Houston, Texas
  • Roy Fultineer (Incoming Chair)   Roberts Corrosion            Harrisville, West Virgina
  • Robert Herron                             DoD CPO                         Washington, DC
  • Hank Kleinfelder                         CorrTech                           Buffalo, New York
  • Nurul Mohamed                          Petronas                           Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Elise Owen                                 U.S. EPA                           Washington, DC
  • Standards Board Secretary - Ed Manns, NACE International Staff

The Standards Board will meet twice per year, once at NACE International’s spring CORROSION Conference & Expo, and again during Corrosion Technology Week each fall.

The Standards Board first convened last week at NACE International Headquarters in Houston for a two-day orientation and strategic planning session. The second meeting will take place on March 17, 2020. Cris Conner will serve as the Standards Board’s interim chair until March 2020 when Roy Fultineer will become chair for a three year term.


About NACE International
Founded in 1943, NACE International, The Worldwide Corrosion Authority, is the world’s largest nonprofit of its kind with more than 38,000 members in 130 countries. Based in Houston, Texas, with offices in the U.S., the U.K., China, Malaysia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and a training center in Dubai, the organization serves all industries impacted by corrosion. NACE International provides its membership with numerous benefits and offers the world’s most specified technical training and certification programs, industry standards, reports, conferences, and publications focused on corrosion prevention and mitigation.



03-03-2020 16:35

Hi, Robert,

Thank you for your interest in the new NACE Standards Board. Following are responses to your questions:

1. Are the meetings of the new Standards Board open to members?
 REPLY: These are meetings where the board members discuss the business of the standards committees and may include Standards Committee officers and staff among others. Due to space constraints the rooms do not comfortably accommodate a large group of observers. The Standards Board Chair will entertain petitions if someone wants to attend, including specific reasons for that person to attend.

2.  How are the members of the Standards Board selected? 
REPLY:  The Standards Board is comprised of a minimum of 7 and no more than 12 voting members who serve as standards and standardization experts/managers from the corrosion technologies community, government agencies, and other stakeholders in the corrosion technologies. The Initial Standards Board members, including officers, were nominated by the Standards Governance ad hoc committee, reviewed by the sitting NACE President and approved by a 2/3rd majority of the NACE Board of Directors. Thereafter, the Vice Chair succeeds the Chair, and the outgoing Chair appoints the next in-coming Vice Chair. Both appointments are subject to 2/3rd majority approval by all voting members of the Standards Board.

Trudy Schreiner | Committee Liaison and Standards Editor

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Are the meetings of the new Standards Board open to members?
How are the members of the Standards Board selected?