NACE-SSPC Discussions - Update #12 - FAQs Continued


This is the 12th of a series of messages to keep you informed throughout ongoing discussions between SSPC and NACE leadership regarding a possible combined association. 

Previous updates are accessible by clicking on the link to each message.

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Update #12 - March 27 - FAQs Continued

Following are the questions we have received since our last FAQ message on March 6. All FAQ’s can be viewed here.

What kind of international focus will the new organization have?
When the task group came together to discuss the possibility of combining addressing international participation and representation was an important consideration. The team brought in one of NACE’s international directors to provide a balanced perspective. In planning, the group ensured the advisory councils and the nominating committee will have international representation. With nearly 45% of NACE membership and 22% of SSPC membership based outside the U.S., both NACE and SSPC recognize there are many opportunities for global growth. Together NACE and SSPC have a strong core in North America and well-established infrastructure to support more stakeholders worldwide.

How do you plan to ensure that NACE and SSPC do not lose their position in Europe’s coatings certification market?
We’ve seen many programs in Europe trying to undermine NACE’s Cathodic Protection certifications, and more recently our CIP certifications. NACE and SSPC together would be a strong combination that can not only protect those certifications, but also help them flourish in Europe and beyond.

What impact would combining have on NACE CIP Level 1 or a SSPC PCI Level 1?
Individuals who are currently certified will continue to be certified in those respective programs and they'll renew under those respective programs until the member task group working on certifications comes together and looks at these overlapping areas. It’s possible the task group may decide to bring these certifications together so by the time people need to renew they may be able to apply for certification in “NewOrg’s” equivalent of these programs. At this time, it’s not clear what that would look like or how that would work.

What will happen to each organization's annual conference? Would they be combined?
No final decisions have been made, but there have been discussions about whether to combine or co-locate them or come up with other solutions that would eliminate duplicate efforts and be more convenient for members, attendees and exhibitors. Both organizations have mapped out their conferences for the next few years and consideration will need to be given to capacity of the locations that have been reserved and whether they can hold the larger conference that would result. 

What will happen with test methods/standards where there are two separate documents for NACE/SSPC?
Ideally, over the long-term an effort would be made to try to harmonize those standards where possible. It would be more efficient than having competing standards and maintaining those standards and putting in the effort and administration that goes into maintaining them. In cases where there is a specific standard that has a strong regulatory or specification impact or is written into government legislation, the approach would be to take a careful and thorough look at the standard to see what can or can’t be changed. 

Will I get to keep my certification number?
In the short-term those numbers would be retained. It would be up to the member task group working on certifications to determine what to do in the long-term but based on how important those numbers are to those who have them, it’s likely this task group will aim to keep them as is if possible.

If I am a member of both organizations, do I get two votes, one with each organization?
Yes. Your opinion is important and counts to both organizations. You will receive separate ballots from NACE and SSPC via email.

How will this affect peer reviews?
It will not have an immediate impact. Over time, both organizations will need to come together to discuss what strengths both groups can bring to the peer review process and how to combine those strengths moving forward.

In addition, NACE and SSPC will continue to update the Member FAQs with questions that are submitted to the staff and task group.  You can always check the latest FAQs here.

What’s Next?
April 3 - 17
- Member votes for NACE and SSPC

The member vote will be open to current members only, so please make sure that your membership is active, and your contact information is up to date, so you receive the ballot. 

On April 3, ballots will be sent via email to members of NACE and SSPC from Please be sure to look for an email from this address and not from a NACE or SSPC address. If you don’t see one, please check your spam filter. NACE members can also vote by logging into their member profile at, while SSPC members will also receive instructions for voting via postal mail.
If you have any questions, please contact