AMPP Online Communities Provide Technical Exchange, Networking


Earlier this year AMPP introduced “Communities of Interest” to its lineup of online groups. Through these moderated groups, industry professionals can engage with others who share a common professional interest, demographic, or geographic location.

Online communities complement in-person meetings, facilitate networking, and provide an environment for information exchange. With optional email digests, members can stay current with discussions in their selected communities.

Social Community of Interest (SCI)

Exclusive to AMPP members, SCIs are based on a common demographic or interest. These groups allow members to engage with peers, build a network, exchange ideas, and advance career goals.

Technical Community of Interest (TCI)

TCIs are for members and nonmembers who want to connect with others to further a common cause by sharing knowledge, information and/or data on a specific technical topic.

Access AMPP Communities of Interest via the “Get Involved” Tab.

You’ll need to login to gain access to groups.

Questions regarding this new benefit can be addressed by contacting AMPP Customer Support at +1-800-797-6223 (US); +1-281-228-6200 (Intl.)