New AMPP tradeshow booth receives AMA Crystal Award


HOUSTON, TX — May 19, 2022 – The Association of Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) announced today that it has won a 2022 Crystal Award from the American Marketing Association (AMA) for the design of its newest tradeshow booth, which debuted at Coatings+ and the inaugural AMPP Annual Conference + Expo.

The booth design project, led by Marketing Manager Lydia Prazak, was conceived as a warm, inviting space to welcome AMPP members and tradeshow attendees. It served as the cornerstone of the exhibit hall at the inaugural AMPP Conference + Expo earlier this year in San Antonio, Texas.

In 2020, NACE International and SSPC merged to become AMPP. The new booth was a tangible component of the launch of the new organization’s brand; a place where staff and members from both legacy associations could convene for the first time in person after the pandemic cancellations.

“Our new booth needed to be innovative, classic yet modern, while encouraging collaboration and inclusion to the two merged audiences,” said Prazak. “We wanted to ensure that this new space was not just a repurposed NACE or SSPC booth, but that it reflects the new AMPP brand and helps familiarize members with the new name, look, logo, and mission of the organization.”

“It was incredibly rewarding to see members and customers collaborate and enjoy themselves in the booth at our annual conference,” she added.

Prazak took a collaborative approach when designing the booth, first meeting with Senior Director of Customer Experience Michael Klein to ensure the project aligned with overall organizational customer experience goals and strategies. Next, she worked with Creative Services Manager Rey Galza to conceptualize the booth vis a vis the new AMPP branding guidelines.

The final result includes a clean, modern space with comfortable seating, two digital “smart counters,” a semi-private meeting space, and attention-grabbing signage and collateral displays.

“It was such an honor to accept an American Marketing Association Crystal Award for our work on the new AMPP booth,” said Lydia Prazak. “I am so grateful to our creative team for bringing this vision to life and to AMPP’s leadership for giving me the opportunity to work on such a fun project!”