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The Materials Applications and Experiences (Process Industries) Technical Community of Interest is a group of people (both AMPP members and nonmembers) who have come together for the purpose of furthering a common cause by sharing wisdom, knowledge, information, and/or data  for exchanging and compiling information on the experience of various metallic materials as related to properties, corrosion resistance, fabrication, weldability, repair techniques, and application in various process environments.

Selection of Automation Materials in Sour Gas Service

  • 1.  Selection of Automation Materials in Sour Gas Service

    Posted 02-27-2023 08:32 AM

    Hello All,

    I am new to this group. I work for Dow Chemical in Texas. We have a group of engineers and Technical Experts, from all across the US Gulf Coast, that meet once a quarter, in a Microsoft TEAMS remote meeting. We are looking for someone to speak to our group about selection of automation materials in sour gas service. 20-30 minutes, in a remote TEAMS meeting. No travel is needed.

    The topic of most interest has to do with automation which uses pipeline sour gas as the motive source for powering actuators, positioners, solenoids, accessories, etc....  More detail can be provided if someone is interested in speaking with our folks.

    I can be reached at or 979-238-9703. I am often in the field, so if I do not answer, please leave a message with a return phone number or email.

    Kind Regards,

    James Young

    James Young
    Dow Chemical
    Freeport TX