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NACE students and instructors will attest that nothing compares to how NACE Career Development has shaped their professional lives. From the course content, certification requirements, and qualified instructors, to the lifelong networking opportunities and the career paths NACE programs help define, choosing NACE Career Development means you've joined an elite group that has earned their certifications and has marketable and applicable job skills and knowledge.

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CP level 1 member profiles

José Caprarulo

José Caprarulo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

NACE CIP Level 2, CP1, and Corrosion Technologist Certified, Self-Employed

"I've worked for 35 years as an inspector in the oil & gas industry, inspecting pressure vessels, hydrocarbon storage tanks, pipes, and pipelines. It would be impossible to imagine my career without the imprint of NACE. When I was designing my career, I always found some course and certification that gave more validity and recognition."

Ariff Sukur

Ariff Sukur

Miri, Malaysia

NACE CIP Level 2, CP1 Certified, Inspection Engineer at Sarawak Shell Bhd

"After completing the NACE CP course, I have a better understanding of cathodic protection systems on offshore platforms. I've used this information to assist me in deciding on inspection frequency during a mini-project as the CP focal point. The NACE CIP course helps me as the coating focal point at Sarawak Asset in determining and specifying required surface preparation and paint application."

Dr. Benjamin Tai-An Chang

Dr. Benjamin Tai-An Chang

Houston, Texas, USA

NACE Coating Inspector Program (CIP) Level 3, CP1 – Cathodic Protection Tester, and Protective Coating Specialist Certified and NACE Instructor

" I've been a NACE Instructor for 15 years and taught for NACE in China and around the world. I am well matched with NACE, understand how much they invest in the quality of their courses, translation, instructors and how much they invest in improvements. The reputation of NACE in China cannot be matched by any others.

I'm proud to be 100% NACE."

Truong Phu Khanh

Truong Phu Khanh

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

NACE Cathodic Protection Tester Certified, Non Destructive Testing Inspector and CP Engineer at TTAsia Company Ltd.​

"When I graduated from university, I joined a company working on NDT fields. After two years, my company got several jobs relating to the corrosion industry, and our clients required CP certification, so my company sent me to a CP1 course. That's the reason why I know NACE and I began to get into the corrosion industry.

Now I have 2 years of experience in cathodic protection. My job is very interesting and I love to work on CP projects. I will definitely attend the next CP courses, from CP2 to CP4. These are my goals."