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NACE Career Development: Without comparison

NACE students and instructors will attest that nothing compares to how NACE Career Development has shaped their professional lives. From the course content, certification requirements, and qualified instructors, to the lifelong networking opportunities and the career paths NACE programs help define, choosing NACE Career Development means you've joined an elite group that has earned their certifications and has marketable and applicable job skills and knowledge.

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CP level 2 member profiles

Cay Strother

Cay Strother, PMP, PE

Denver, Colorado, USA

NACE CIP Level 1, CP2, Corrosion Technician, and Corrosion Technologist Certified, Corrosion Control Section Supervisor at Kleinfelder

"Getting my certifications has helped me advance my career, meet a lot of interesting people, and network with people around the nation who I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to meet. I’ve met some really great people, some really smart people, and I appreciate the opportunity to get to know them better through NACE."

Stevyn Shen

Stevyn Shen, B.A.Sc.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

NACE CP2 Certified, Pipeline Integrity Engineer-In-Training at Providence Corrosion Ltd

"I first heard about NACE during a university course. After graduation, I started looking at jobs and saw that the industry job requirements asked for NACE certifications. I signed up for the NACE CP1 course and at the course, it was a social networking and learning experience for me, and that’s where I met my current employer. I got an interview from him right there. Right now, I'm working in the industry and loving it."

Christien Stone

Christien Stone

Champion, Alberta, Canada

NACE CP2 Certified, Cathodic Protection Technician and Site Inspector at Powers Corrosion Inc.

"Acquiring NACE certification allows your peers to recognize that you are confident and competitive within your field. NACE certification establishes a base on which operators and employers will assess your qualifications and competencies. As a motivated and capable individual who often exceeds expectations, my NACE certification has allowed for a concrete reference of my skills on which clients and employers can base their professional opinions of my capabilities."

Sarat Manohar

Sarat Manohar

Vijayawada, India

NACE CP2 Certified, Site Cathodic Protection Engineer at Corrosion Technology Services

"I’m working in the oil and gas fields in the Middle East, where they need highly professional people who have NACE courses and certification. I pushed myself to get NACE training and certification. Before NACE, I didn’t have any idea about the corrosion field, but once I took the course, things started to change. It relates to my electrical engineering studies, and it is a good kick start for my career."

Manish Saini

Manish Saini

Saharanpur, India

NACE CP2 Certified, Cathodic Protection Engineer at Sanmarg Projects (P) Ltd.

"I most enjoyed the practical sessions and the field experience of instructors during NACE training. Being certified makes me: responsible and loyal to my work; highly confident during my job-related communications and discussions with others; and unique from ordinary engineers. After completing NACE certification, I really felt a big difference between my past and present position."