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NACE students and instructors will attest that nothing compares to how NACE Career Development has shaped their professional lives. From the course content, certification requirements, and qualified instructors, to the lifelong networking opportunities and the career paths NACE programs help define, choosing NACE Career Development means you've joined an elite group that has earned their certifications and has marketable and applicable job skills and knowledge.

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CP level 4 member profiles

Ernest Klechka

Ernest Klechka, PE

Temple, Texas, USA

NACE CIP Level 3, CP4, Corrosion Specialist, and Protective Coating Specialist Certified, and NACE Instructor, Assistant Regional Terminal Manager at Citgo Petroleum Corporation

"One of the first courses I took was CIP. It helped me immensely in my early career. It gave me the opportunity to look at different coatings and coatings materials and different ways to inspect them. Later on, I also took CP1 and CP4. CP4 was quite a challenge, even for an engineer. But I enjoyed it, it helped me out a lot. Being certified has certainly helped in my recent years as a professional engineer and working with NACE as an instructor."

Roc Lu

Roc Lu

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

NACE CP4, PCIM Technologist Certified, Professional Senior Manager – Pipeline Integrity Management at Towngas, member of the Hong Kong and China Gas Group

“NACE courses and certifications have helped me a lot in daily work. I can make more systematic application of various technologies to solve practical problems in the field. I got more opportunities to spread the advanced corrosion protection knowledge and technology. In particular, NACE CP3 certification played a very big role in changing jobs at the end of 2012.

For employers, NACE certification is very important. With the rapid economic development, China is making more and more good changes. Employing an authoritative engineer can not only increase the company’s expertise, but also increase the company’s technological impact within the industry.”