Internal MIC Management in Above Ground and Buried Pipelines

Corrosion Technical Series

MIC Management in Above Ground and Buried Pipelines 2022

March 1-2, 2022
9:00 – 11:30 a.m. CST each day (with breaks throughout)

This two-day, five-hour virtual short course features industry-leading experts discussing how they approach MIC management in pipelines. Each lecture provides insight and recommended solutions on topics surrounding detection, impacts of MIC, treatment, and how to implement a regimen to manage MIC throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

Walk away from this short course with an understanding of how to manage MIC and the corrosion mechanisms associated with it that are present in your pipelines.

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Course highlights

Industry and academic experts will share their knowledge and experiences to give you insights into:

  • Analysis and confirmatory approaches to take when diagnosing MIC
  • Consequences of MIC in oil and gas/industrial operations
  • How to assess MIC and where to sample
  • Recognizing the limitations of culture-based methods.
  • Understanding how microbes live, grow, and influence corrosion
  • Review best practices: sampling strategies and procedure
  • MIC Methods – handling, laboratory, testing, diagnosis, treatments
  • Monitoring & Measuring: Detection, Testing, and Evaluation of MIC
  • Corrosion Monitoring
  • Field Monitoring in Oil and Gas
  • Effectiveness of treating MIC with biocides

Featured speakers

  • Dr. Susmitha Purnima Kotu, DNV
  • Dr. Renato De Paula, ChampionX
  • Dr. Sam Rosolina, Microbial Insights, Inc.
  • Dr. Jaspreet Mand, ExxonMobil
  • Herman de Vries, MONTIPOWER

Who should attend

Includes professionals from the following company types:

  • Fuel end users
  • Engineers and scientists
  • Project managers for industrial facilities
  • Oil and gas operators
  • Inspectors
  • Technicians
  • Research/Academia
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2 Day Course

Program pricing

Advance registration: $294

Regular registration: $349