Fireproofing Inspector eCourse (FIRE INSP)

Fireproofing eCourse

Fireproofing Inspector eCourse (FIRE INSP)

The Fireproofing Inspector eCourse is an online course that creates an increased awareness of fireproofing and proper inspection of applied protective coatings. After scheduling and passing the in-person exam this course adds a certification to your title that will benefit individuals such as plant managers, asset owners, coating and fire protection suppliers.

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Build on this eCourse with the corresponding certification exam.

Course description

The online Fireproofing Inspector Course provides coatings inspectors with fundamental knowledge for the inspection of passive fire protection projects. The course will focus on the inspection tasks associated with thick film and thin film intumescent coatings as well as other forms of fire protection.

Course content

  • Thick film intumescent coatings
  • Overview of passive fire protection
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Safety and the fire proofing inspector
  • Fireproofing inspectors duties
  • Principles of passive fire protection
  • Conditional surveys and maintenance
  • Thin film intumescent coatings
  • Characteristics and quantity requirement
  • Documentation, training, and application
  • Dry film thickness
  • Other forms of fire protection
Member - $500.00 USD
Non-Member - $700.00 USD
8 hours (includes online course & 1 hour written exam)
English, Spanish, Chinese and Turkish

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