Volunteer Points

What are Volunteer Points?

Each opportunity has points attributed to the task, these points are related to your time, and experience required for the volunteering opportunity.  With the launch of NACE's Volunteer Manager on 10/01/2016 any opportunity that is completed within the Volunteer Manager system is awarded points.  By completing volunteer roles in the system and gaining points, you can earn digital badges and online recognition within NACE's Volunteer Manager.

How are Points Calculated?

Points are determined for each task based on a set of criteria including time, experience and effort.  For example, writing a single article for a publication may award you 10 points and take you up to ten hours to complete the task while an Editor that reviews the entire content of a publication and takes up to ten hours for each issue throughout the year would be awarded more points. 

What about Volunteer Tasks that were Completed before 10/01/2016?

You can add past volunteer roles to your member profile.  While completing this portion of your profile does not award points for tasks performed outside of the system, you will be awarded a Legacy Volunteer Badge on your profile to recognize you for any efforts accomplished outside of the Volunteer Manager system.