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25+ Engaging Media Research Paper Topics

A good educational background and great writing skills can significantly assist you in writing a good research paper. Similarly, reading newspapers and media journals on a regular basis can also assist you if you are struggling with an impending deadline. 

Normally, the biggest concern students have to face is about the choice of a topic. The fact that you are reading this piece right now tells us that you are searching for a unique and interesting topic for your research paper. There are many broad topics and themes from which students can identify a literary gap start writing, but media and its sub-disciplines can offer some really engaging topics for writing an outstanding and evidence-based research paper. For additional instances of compelling punchlines and free examples, see our essay writing service support and get successful and remarkable introductory letters to outfox others in getting a decent line of work.

After doing a lot of comprehensive searches, we have come up with a unique list of topics for you. We know how hectic it can be when you are overwhelmed with deadlines and cannot wrap your head around a substantial topic. 

Here is a list of media topics that can interest students. Feel free to select or modify the topic because many of you may have read a great deal of literature and want to contribute to the literature by working on your own gap. 

Before scrolling down, it is important that you should acquire the ethics of a media worker and should never rely on one source for the credibility of your content. We know that not everyone is a born researcher and if at any point in time, you face difficulties, simply reach out to the online write my essay services and an outstanding research paper will be written for you. 

Let’s get on with the much-awaited list, shall we?

  • What should be the normatively accepted definition of communication?
  • Analysis of the relationship between media censorship and propaganda
  • Is an anonymous social media network dangerous for cybersecurity?
  • Are we truly distracted by technology?
  • Impact of media on free speech and the freedom of action
  • Importance of digital marketing in the domains of electronic business and commerce
  • Role of digital communication in the promotion of mob psychology
  • Types of ‘holy wars’ and the role of media as their precursor
  • Do you think people are turning into news and politics junkies?
  • Ethics in journalism: Evidence from the 21st century
  • What should be qualified as ‘popular culture’ according to social media platforms?
  • Impact of blogging on daily correspondence at an individual and collective level
  • Are censor boards necessary in the contemporary era?
  • Our web filters and proxy settings getting in the way of the dissemination of knowledge?
  • Role of robots and artificial intelligence in the foreseeable future
  • Thousands of news channels and equally increasing ignorance: A paradox
  • What should be the extent of marketing strategies deployed by TV and social media platforms?
  • Can world peace be stabilized by achieving transparency in media?
  • Media is the biggest driver behind changes in socio-economic dimensions: A theoretical and empirical analysis
  • Role of news channels in the rigging of election campaigns.
  • Is media playing an effective role in the prevention of crime?
  • Social media content is produced and distributed by everyone and apparently has more disadvantages than advantage: Evidence from specific regions
  • Media bombardment with continual coverage and hyped-up stories scares the general public: A theoretical and empirical analysis.
  • Determination of the importance of exclusive material in media: Analyzing CNN and Fox News
  • Similarities and differences between video logging and journal writing: Conducting a focus-group survey between extroverts and introverts
  • Should there be a difference between the mass communication laws in developed and developing economies?
  • Controversies in politics: What should be the extent? 
  • The regulatory body for the social media platforms: Merits and demerits

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