AMPP Print On Demand FAQ

AMPP is going full Print-on-demand (POD) in 2022

Q: What is POD?

A: Print-on-demand (POD) is a digital printing process that has become standard in the publishing industry in terms of book production and distribution. It is a more efficient and timely way to get books into the hands of customers. That is, a book is not printed until an order is placed for it.

For 2022, all AMPP book titles will be published using the POD process, and available as a hard or soft cover physical book and/or as an e-book.

Q: How will this change to POD affect me?

A: Well, it won’t affect you, or any other customer. The change is completely behind the scenes: instead of a book(s) being shipped from the AMPP warehouse, books will be printed upon your order and sent directly to you from AMPP’s POD vendor.

The biggest change is that you will probably get your books sooner than in the past.

Q: So, I’ll still get a physical book?

A: Of course. And you’re likely to get it quicker.

Q: Will I have to pay more?

A: No, and you might even pay less. AMPP’s POD vendor has multiple printing and distribution facilities around the world for more efficient production and shipping.

Q: This is great for AMPP, but what about legacy NACE and SSPC book titles?

A: Whenever possible and whenever applicable, legacy NACE and SSPC book titles will also be available as a print-on-demand book. In fact, many already are available as POD.

Q: Is POD good for the environment?

A: Absolutely! Because books are only printed when a customer places an order, paper waste is eliminated AND warehouse space is freed up for other AMPP programs and services.